Apex bug gives Wattson 30 fences in Arenas

No need to buy fences for a while now.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wattson received an unintentional buff when Apex Legends’ 10th season launched yesterday. A bug gave the Static Defender 30 fence charges at the beginning of Arenas matches—dozens more than the normal amount. Respawn has pushed a fix for the occurrence.

The glitch gave Wattson 30 fences in Arenas instead of the usual three, though regular cooldowns for placing fences still applied. Unlike some exploits, the bug has no triggers and will take place whenever users load up an Arenas match with the Static Defender. Players reported the issue shortly after Emergence debuted and Dot Esports obtained the same result in Arenas.

Having 30 fences at their disposal means that Wattsons don’t have to worry about running out of uses for their tactical during a match. The ability is still subjected to the regular cooldown on fences, however, which hits the brakes on the legend’s capacity to quickly lock in an area.

Another side effect of the change is that players can funnel all their materials into other resources, such as guns, attachments, or healing. The advantage is particularly palpable during the first rounds of a match when players have far fewer materials to spend. Although it only costs 50 materials per node, the resources quickly pile up when buying multiple uses and can easily go toward an early-game upgrade or a better weapon.

Wattson’s extra fences wouldn’t be the first bug to affect Apex after the launch of its new season. Last night, Respawn fixed two bugs involving ranked versions of both Arenas and battle royale. Players couldn’t party up with friends in Arenas and received “mismatched” games in competitive battle royale.

Update 7:04pm CT: Respawn fixed the issue and gave Wattson five charges at the beginning, up to a maximum of nine. We’ve updated the article to reflect this.