Respawn fixes ‘mismatched’ Apex Legends games in competitive battle royale, patches bug with teaming in ranked Arenas

It's the first hotfix of the new season.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment pushed a hotfix to address issues with competitive Arenas and ranked battle royale today. The patch comes just hours after the game’s tenth season, Emergence, launched.

The hotfix tackled an error “which was preventing players from partying together in Ranked Arenas,” according to Respawn, and fixed a bug that caused “mismatched” games in competitive battle royale.

The restrictions for partying up with friends apply in both competitive modes, according to an official blog post. Players can squad up freely until Gold. Starting on Platinum, however, squadmates can’t be more than one tier apart. Platinum players, for instance, can match with anyone within one tier on either side, while players on Gold face no restrictions when pairing with ranks below them.

The patch also fixed an issue that caused “mismatched” games in competitive battle royale. This means that players of all ranks could get paired with enemies significantly higher or lower than them. Although it’s not uncommon to have some degree of confusion with matchmaking and soft resets at beginning of the season, players reported a few instances of failures in matchmaking, such as Bronze players getting matched against Diamond ranks.

Apex‘s season 10, Emergence, kicked off today and brought ranked Arenas, as well as the new legend Seer, the Rampage LMG, and an overhauled World’s Edge.