Apex bug changes player’s character mid-game

Mirage decided he'd had enough.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player was suddenly swapped from Mirage to Bloodhound when they were respawned in the middle of a match.

Player Mrpineapplehead559 showcased the strange bug in a video posted to Reddit. In the video, their teammate, an Octane, can be seen respawing them at a Respawn Beacon. As the ship pulls into view, Mrpineapplehead559’s character is clearly listed as Mirage in the bottom-left corner of the screen. When the view changes from first person to third person, however, their icon has been changed to Bloodhound. Lo and behold, when they hit the ground, they’ve transformed from Mirage into Bloodhound, complete with abilities, passives, and voicelines.

Other players gathered in the comments to express disbelief at the bug. Some said it’s happened to them, while others say it’s happened to streamers or prominent players they follow. Many people said they turned into Gibraltar upon being respawned. One Redditor speculated that it has something to do with legend availability and store issues, as both Bloodhound and Gibraltar are characters that are unlocked by default while Octane and Mirage are not.

This bug has been occurring for quite a while now. We first reported it in 2019, when the same thing happened to an Octane player who respawned as Gibraltar. The hope is that Respawn has a fix in the works, but for now, we’ll enjoy this unexpected new rush of anticipation that comes with being respawned.