ALGS player proves Mad Maggie might not be a bad pick in Apex Legends

It's all about how and where to use her abilities.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Professional Apex Legends player and ALGS competitor cleaveee recently demonstrated that even legends with a low pick rate have potential in the right situation.

In a clip shared by Twitter user Apex Journo, cleaveee is taking on another squad as Mad Maggie. The video, which was captured during a recent ALGS match, shows cleaveee using just about all of Maggie’s abilities effectively. After briefly firing at the enemy, they launch Maggie’s Wrecking Ball down one of World’s Edge’s canyons, which constrains the ball’s bounce and increases the mayhem it causes. Shortly after, cleaveee shoots Maggie’s Riot Drill into the side of a cliff, instantly damaging an enemy and driving them out of their hiding spot. After this inspiring fight, cleaveee and their team went on to win the match.

Mad Maggie is not one of Apex’s more popular legends. After a small spike in pick rate following her launch in season 12, she quickly fell to the bottom of the pick rate list. At time of writing, she’s the fifth least-picked legend, outpacing only Gibraltar, Rampart, Newcastle, and Crypto, according to Apex Legends Status. Despite this, cleaveee and their team have used her several times in their composition, to the point where they’re known for choosing her.

Though Mad Maggie remains an unpopular pick among most players, cleaveee’s clip proves that just because a legend has a low pick rate doesn’t mean they’re useless. A similar situation happened to Seer during ALGS play earlier this year: prior to several pros using the “wallhack” legend, he was considered unfavorable to play. Immediately following the conclusion of ALGS’ year two, Seer shot up in popularity as the general player base picked up tips from the pros on how to use him effectively and in different compositions.