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Anvil on top of a container in Abiotic Factor
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Where to find an Anvil in Abiotic Factor

I’m sure there’s one somewhere…

When you’re trapped in a secret underground research facility, an Anvil probably isn’t the first thing you’d think to look for, but here we are. Despite being primitive, an Anvil is really useful in Abiotic Factor and I’ll tell you where you can find one.

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Anvil location in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Portal room with the main character holding a crossbow
Start from here. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Under normal circumstances, you can find an Anvil in the storage room next to the entrance to Level 3 Silo in Abiotic Factor. It’s next to the place where you learn how to create Hacking devices.

If you want to get an Anvil as soon as possible, you can also find one in the Cafeteria you start the game in (I don’t recommend this method, but it’s up to you).

Level 3 Silo Anvil

Start from the Anteverse Portal on Level 2 (where you get the Anteverse Wheat),  head up to L2/L3 Junction, and head up to Level 3. Make sure you have a weapon because this area is filled with enemies, both face-huggers and big ones. I recommend using a Makeshift Crossbow because it can take out big enemies in around three to four hits. 

Once you climb up a set of stairs, there is a long hallway with leaking pipes and a few electrical wires touching the puddles for good measure. You have to jump over these by using the elevated platforms around. (Don’t worry; it’s easier than it sounds.) Once you get through this part, keep going until you reach an intersection. 

From this intersection, head right to where the map of the Level 3 area is. Down this path, there are signs pointing towards Silo 3 and the Lift Access. Ignore the offices and head down this path. Definitely don’t rush around here because the area is swarming with enemies (large ones, too), so take them one at a time before going through. 

The Silo 3 Entrance is further down this hall. Next to it is the security room with the scientist who can teach you about Hacking devices, and on the right of it is the Storage area where the Anvil is. Learn how to make the hacking devices now if you haven’t already, then head to the room on the right and loot the Anvil. Make sure you unlock the Elevator to Level 2 shortcut so you can get back to this area quicker.

Cafeteria Anvil

There is also a sneakily hidden Anvil in the very first area you start in: the Cafeteria. First of all, before you go for this Anvil, make sure it’s around 7pm because it needs to be nighttime. Head inside the small maintenance room inside the Cafeteria (yellow door).

Inside are three vents. Go through the third vent. In the next room are two more vents. You went through the one on the right at the beginning of the game, but now it’s time to go through the vent on the front. Inside this vent, there is a huge spinning fan that will kill you if you get close to it. This is why I said to leave at 7pm, because after 9pm, the power shuts down, meaning the fan also powers down. So wait for a while until 9pm, and when everything powers down, go through the fan. 

Further down the vent is another grate on the floor (a bit hard to spot) that you need to dismantle. Drop down into the room below and take care of the facehugger inside. Unlock the shotcut back to the cafeteria and head to the storage room on the right. There is another Anvil inside this room and even some gun ammunition (I honestly don’t need anything except my pens and my Makeshift Crossbow to fend for myself).

How to use Anvil in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Repair and Salvage station recipe
Finally, you can build this thing. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You probably already know this, but you need the Anvil to craft a Repair & Salvage Station. This is a super-handy station where you can take entire items and furniture and break them down into compartments. It sure beats beating tables and chairs senseless for some Wood Planks. 

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