Yu-Gi-Oh! TCH Lightning Overdrive full card list

Lightning won't strike twice with this set.

Image via Konami | Remixed by Cale Michael

With the pre-release event over for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set Lightning Overdrive, we now know every card that is included in the product. 

Set to release on June 4 globally, Lightning Overdrive is going to include new support for more than a dozen existing archetypes such as Utopia and Black Rose, while also introducing the Amazement and Attraction archetype. 

In total, the set will feature 100 cards. It will break down into 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, and 10 Secret Rares. We also know there will be five Starlight Rare cards too, including the exclusive Starlight reprint of Black Rose Dragon.

If you plan on trying to collect all of the cards in this new set, here is the full card list, with all of the individual card numbers included. 

Full Lightning Overdrive card list 


  • LIOV-EN001 ZW – Pegasus Twin Saber
  • LIOV-EN002 ZS – Armed Sage”
  • LIOV-EN005 Springans Brothers
  • LIOV-EN007 Amazement Ambassador Bufo
  • LIOV-EN011 Danmari @Ignister
  • LIOV-EN012 Bujin Mahitotsu
  • LIOV-EN014 S-Force Dog Tag
  • LIOV-EN018 Blackeyes, the Plunder Patroll Seaguide
  • LIOV-EN019 Starry Knight Ciel
  • LIOV-EN020 Judge of the Ice Barrier
  • LIOV-EN021 Scrap Raptor
  • LIOV-EN024 Pharaonic Guardian Sphinx
  • LIOV-EN025 Sky Scourge Cidhels
  • LIOV-EN026 Anchamoufrite
  • LIOV-EN027 Dark Eye Nightmare
  • LIOV-EN028 World Soul – Carbon
  • LIOV-EN029 Yamorimori
  • LIOV-EN030 Clock Arc
  • LIOV-EN031 Otoshidamashi
  • LIOV-EN038 Star Mine
  • LIOV-EN047 Paleozoic Cambroraster
  • LIOV-EN052 Zexal Entrust
  • LIOV-EN053 Dogmatikalamity
  • LIOV-EN054 Springans Booty
  • LIOV-EN057 Amazement Special Show
  • LIOV-EN059 Basal Rose Shoot
  • LIOV-EN060 A.I. Meet You
  • LIOV-EN061 You and A.I.
  • LIOV-EN062 Bujincandescence
  • LIOV-EN063 Birth of the Prominence Flame
  • LIOV-EN065 One-Kuri-Way
  • LIOV-EN066 Hidden Springs of the Far East
  • LIOV-EN067 Zexal Alliance
  • LIOV-EN068 Screams of the Branded
  • LIOV-EN069 Judgment of the Branded
  • LIOV-EN072 Amaze Attraction Wonder Wheel
  • LIOV-EN073 Amaze Attraction Majestic Merry-Go-Round
  • LIOV-EN074 Amaze Attraction Rapid Racing
  • LIOV-EN076 A.I. Challenge You
  • LIOV-EN078 One by One
  • LIOV-EN079 Boo-Boo Game
  • LIOV-EN080 Fukubiki
  • LIOV-EN085 Terrors of the Underroot
  • LIOV-EN087 War Rock Mammud
  • LIOV-EN091 War Rock Generations
  • LIOV-EN092 War Rock Big Blow
  • LIOV-EN095 D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell
  • LIOV-EN096 Binary Blader
  • LIOV-EN097 Sunavalon Daphne
  • LIOV-EN099 Sunvine Cross Breed

Super Rare

  • LIOV-EN004 Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda
  • LIOV-EN009 Roxrose Dragon
  • LIOV-EN010 Ruddy Rose Witch
  • LIOV-EN013 Bujin Torifune
  • LIOV-EN015 S-Force Edge Razor
  • LIOV-EN036 Garden Rose Flora
  • LIOV-EN037 Lavalval Exlord
  • LIOV-EN040 ZW – Dragonic Halberd
  • LIOV-EN041 Springans Merrymaker
  • LIOV-EN044 Tri-Brigade Bearbrumm the Rampant Rampager
  • LIOV-EN045 Dark Infant @Ignister
  • LIOV-EN050 Rank-Up-Magic Zexal Force
  • LIOV-EN051 Zexal Construction
  • LIOV-EN055 Branded in White
  • LIOV-EN058 Amazement Precious Park
  • LIOV-EN070 Amazement Family Faces
  • LIOV-EN081 Proof of Pruflas
  • LIOV-EN082 Thron the Disciplined Angel
  • LIOV-EN083 Pendransaction
  • LIOV-EN084 Expendable Dai
  • LIOV-EN086 War Rock Wento
  • LIOV-EN090 War Rock Spirit
  • LIOV-EN093 Eda the Sun Magician
  • LIOV-EN094 Staysailor Romarin
  • LIOV-EN098 Sunavalon Melias
  • LIOV-EN049 Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous

Ultra Rare

  • LIOV-EN003 ZS – Ascended Sage
  • LIOV-EN008 Amazement Attendant Comica
  • LIOV-EN016 Traptrix Vesiculo
  • LIOV-EN032 White Knight of Dogmatika
  • LIOV-EN033 Albion the Branded Dragon
  • LIOV-EN034 Mysterion the Dragon Crown
  • LIOV-EN039 Ultimate Dragonic Utopia Ray
  • LIOV-EN042 Rilliona, the Wondrous Magistus Witch Wardrobe
  • LIOV-EN046 Traptrix Cularia
  • LIOV-EN071 Amaze Attraction Cyclo-Coaster
  • LIOV-EN075 Amaze Attraction Horror House
  • LIOV-EN077 S-Force Chase
  • LIOV-EN089 War Rock Dignity
  • LIOV-EN017 Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Frost

Secret Rare

  • LIOV-EN000 Diviner of the Herald
  • LIOV-EN006 Amazement Administrator Arlekino
  • LIOV-EN022 Dark Honest
  • LIOV-EN035 Ruddy Rose Dragon
  • LIOV-EN043 Drytron Mu Beta Fafnir
  • LIOV-EN048 Benghalancer the Resurgent
  • LIOV-EN056 Amazing Time Ticket
  • LIOV-EN088 War Rock Meteoragon
  • LIOV-EN023 Bahalutiya, the Grand Radiance
  • LIOV-EN064 Book of Lunar Eclipse

Starlight Rare

  • LIOV-EN017 Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Frost
  • LIOV-EN023 Bahalutiya, the Grand Radiance
  • LIOV-EN049 Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous
  • LIOV-EN064 Book of Lunar Eclipse
  • LIOV-EN100 Black Rose Dragon