Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel opens pre-registration in most regions ahead of wider launch

More players may finally get access to the game soon.

Image via Konami

If you’ve been keeping up with news surrounding upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! products and games, you’ve likely heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, and now, Konami has finally given a small update on the game’s availability in the form of a pre-registration campaign.

The release of Cross Duel has been very strange, as the game went quiet for almost half a year to start 2022 and Konami provided no information before shadow-dropping the game in a very limited fashion for players in Canada, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands on July 6. 

Players initially thought release would lead to a staggered rollout over the course of the following week, similar to how Master Duel was handled back in January, but it ended up being more of a soft launch or limited beta ahead of an official launch for the mobile game. 

Image via Konami

As a result of the non-staggered release, Konami once again went dark, with the only information about Cross Duel coming out of players actually able to access the game until late last night when details about the wider launch were shared by new, official Cross Duel accounts. 

No official release date was given in additional regions, but a pre-registration campaign was announced for the game via Konami’s website. Also, the English trailer is now available to view, though it is currently unlisted on YouTube, for some reason.

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The rewards themselves are very simple, offering players free items if Cross Duel can surpass 100,000 pre-registrations across all platforms. This includes special themed icons and up to 1,200 Gems depending if it tops the 500,000 mark. 

Despite the lack of release date, pre-registration going live likely means that the game will go through its wider launch in the coming weeks or before the end of August. This isn’t guaranteed, especially considering how quiet Konami has been about Cross Duel overall, but it is pretty likely.

You can pre-register for Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel through Konami’s website, or independently through the Google Play Store on mobile devices.