Konami announces 2022 Ghosts From the Past Yu-Gi-Oh! set, will feature more Ghost Rares and higher pull rates

More Ghost Rares, more chances to pull them, and an additional pack per box. Seems like a win.

Image via Konami

The release of a product featuring Ghost Rare cards is always something Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, especially collectors, look forward too. However, the initial release of the 2021 Ghosts From the Past set was criticized for a lack of depth in its card choices, only containing three packs, and the extremely low probability of actually pulling Ghost Rares. 

To try and course correct for its next release, Konami has announced the 2022 Ghosts From the Past. Set to drop on April 23, 2022, the next set in the Ghosts From the Past collection will feature a lot of changes, including more Ghost Rares and an additional pack per box. This brings the total up to 20, all-foil cards per pack. Each individual box will cost $19.99 at retail.

In the 2021 iteration of Ghosts From the Past, there were a total of five Ghost Rares available to pull—Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos, Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, alternate art Firewall Dragon, and the original artwork Dark Magician. The pull rate for these cards typically averaged out to about one-per case or 50 boxes of the set if you bought it sealed, which is pretty average for the rarer cards in a Yu-Gi-Oh! set like that, although even that is never a guarantee. 

Konami is claiming that it will be “twice as easy” to pull a Ghost Rare in this follow-up set. Each pack will contain five Ultra Rares, with a chance that one of those cards will be a Ghost Rare. 

All we know for now is that the roster of Ghost Rare cards is going to be expanded, meaning we will have more than five in the next set and that they will reportedly be easier to pull. We won’t learn more until Konami shares additional details, but this does already sound like it will be a better set all around than the 2021 version of Ghosts From the Past, even if the value of some Ghost Rares on the secondary market is diminished because of the higher pull rates.

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