Cyber Style Structure Deck brings new Cyberdark and Cyber Dragon support for the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG

Cyber Dragon is getting more support via the Cyberdark line.

Screengrab via Konami

If you’ve ever wanted to see even more Cyber—and, more specifically, Cyberdark—support in Yu-Gi-Oh!, then you might be in luck. A new Structure Deck featuring several new cards was just revealed. 

The Cyber Style Structure Deck features several new Cyberdark cards and more general support for Cyber Dragon decks, further leaning into the lore of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime with the dueling style used by Zane Truesdale and Chancellor Sheppard.

Only three of the new cards appearing in Cyber Style have been revealed as of now, including Cyberdark End Dragon, which combines the might of Cyber Dragon and the Cyberdark leeches. 

Cyberdark End Dragon has a whopping 5,000 ATK and 3,800 DEF as a Level 12 Fusion Monster that requires Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark Dragon to create. But much like some of the newer Cyber and Chimeratech cards that tie into the archetype, it can get around this by tributing one Level 10 or lower Cyberdark Fusion Monster equipped with Cyber End Dragon.

Image via Konami

This will let players cheat it out a little more easily, but that could be enough to make this a viable strategy since the new End Dragon is incredibly powerful with three effects and its massive stats. 

  • Unaffected by any effect activated by your opponent.
  • Once per turn: You can equip one monster from either GY to this card.
  • This card’s maximum number of attacks per Battle Phase equals the number of cards equipped to it.

Along with the Fusion Monster, we also got our first look at a new support monster: Cyberdark Chimera. This Level Four Effect Monster follows the trend of other Cyberdark cards, forgoing stats for a powerful set of effects that seem to push players into using a Power Bond/Cyber strategy. 

Image via Konami

Its first effect allows players to discard a spell or trap to add Power Bond to their hand once per turn. This would be useless by itself, especially since it limits you to only fusing with Dragon and Cyber monsters on that turn, if it didn’t let you use your graveyard (GY) for materials too. 

On top of that, if Chimera is sent to the GY in any way, players can send an additional Cyberdark monster to the GY from the deck that doesn’t already have a copy present in the GY. This helps set up recurring effects, fusion plays, and fuel the equip-heavy nature of the Cyberdark archetype. 

The final new card revealed today was Cybernetic Horizon, a Spell card that’s always treated as a Cyberdark card and will help fuel any potential Cyberdark engines with some great searchability. 

Image via Konami

Using Cybernetic Horizon bars players from special summoning any non-Machine monsters from the Extra Deck for a turn but lets them send two Dragon or Machine “Cyber” monsters with different attributes to the GY—one from the hand and the other from the deck. Then, players can add one Dragon or Machine “Cyber” monster from the deck to the hand at the cost of sending a Cyber Fusion Monster from the Extra Deck to the GY. 

Just these three cards might be enough to add yet another new variant to the already popular and competitively successful Cyber archetype. Cyber Dragon has fallen off in recent metas, but an injection like this could bring the beast back in a new form once more. 

Cyber Style will also include reprints of Power Bond, Cyberdark Dragon, Cyber End Dragon, along with other Cyber and Cyberdark support cards when it’s released on May 15 in the OCG.