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Twilight Lord Keldris, a boss in Blackfathom Deeps in WoW Classic
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Season of Discovery: All new Runes for each class and how to unlock them

All new abilities in Season of Discovery!

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery is the second edition of seasonal servers for the original game that first came out in 2004. These seasonal servers will have a ton of new abilities that will completely change the game, and they come in the shape of a new feature—Runes.

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Rune Engraving is a new feature specific to WoW Classic Season of Discovery that your characters will automatically learn upon creation. This system allows you to collect, learn, and use new class abilities that were never before seen in WoW Classic. This is narrowly tied to your gear and, in total, you’ll have 12 new Runes or abilities by the end of this season. At first, you’ll have only three new Runes that you can unlock and switch between at will. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about the new Runes available in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

All Runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery listed

Each class will get new Runes, or abilities in Season of Discovery. They’ll unlock the hidden potential of classes, and you’ll start seeing tank Shamans, Warlocks, and Rogues alongside Mage healers. Season of Discovery won’t be available for testing on the PTR because Blizzard Entertainment wants this to be a full-blown adventure for you. So, the only early look fans are getting is from BlizzCon 2023. With that said, here are all Runes currently available, as first noted by Wowhead. 

Listed below are all runes for each class in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

Druid Runes

WoW Classic Druid stretching in Stormwind
Druids are getting their own Windfury effect. Screenshot by Dot Esports
Rune nameDescription
Survival of the FittestReduces the chance you’ll be critically hit by melee attacks by six percent and reduces all damage taken by 10 percent. Damage taken is reduced by an additional 10 percent while in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form.
StarsurgeLaunch surging stellar energies that cause 57 to 70 Arcane damage.
Starsurge benefits from and triggers most talents and effects that trigger or benefit from Wrath or Starfire.
SunfireBurns the enemy for 55 to 65 Nature damage and then an additional 110 Nature damage over 12 sec.
In addition, while in Bear Form, Cat Form, or Dire Bear Form, your Moonfire is replaced with Sunfire (Bear) or Sunfire (Cat). This spell benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Moonfire.
LacerateLacerates the enemy target, making them bleed for 42 damage over 15 sec plus 20 percent weapon damage per existing application of Lacerate on the target. Causes a high amount of threat. This effect stacks up to five times on the same target.
Wild GrowthHeals all of target player’s party members within 15 yards of target player for 156 over seven sec. The amount healed is applied quickly at first and slows down as Wild Growth reaches its full duration.
MangleMangle the target for 160 percent normal damage and cause the target to take 30 percent additional damage from Bleed effects and Shred for one min. This ability benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Claw and Maul.
LifebloomReduces the global cooldown on your Rejuvenation and Lifebloom abilities by 0.5 sec, and you gain the Lifebloom ability.
Lifebloom – Heals the target for 45 over seven sec. When Lifebloom completes its duration or is dispelled, the target instantly heals for 91, and the Druid regains half the cost of the spell. This effect can stack up to three times on the same target.
Skull BashCharge to a target within 13 yards and bash the target’s skull, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for two sec.
Savage RoarFinishing move that increases physical damage done by 30 percent while in Cat Form. Lasts longer per combo point:
– One point: 14 seconds
– Two points: 19 seconds
– Three points: 24 seconds
– Four points: 29 seconds
– Five points: 34 seconds
Living SeedWhen you critically heal your target with any healing spell, you plant a Living Seed on the target for 30 percent of the amount healed. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked. Lasts 15 sec.
Wild StrikesWhile you are in Cat Form, Bear Form, or Dire Bear Form, party members within 20 yards gain increased combat ferocity. Each melee hit has a 20 percent chance of granting the attacker an extra attack with 20 percent additional Attack Power. No effect if the party member is already benefiting from Windfury Totem.
Fury of the StormrageReduces the mana cost of Wrath by 100 percent, and each time you deal damage with Wrath, you have a 12 percent chance for your next cast of Healing Touch within 15 sec to be instant.

Priest Runes

Rune nameDescription
PenanceLaunches a volley of holy light at the target, causing 64 Holy damage to an enemy, or 171 healing to an ally, instantly and every one sec for two sec.
Mind SearCauses an explosion of shadow magic around the enemy target, causing 35 to 39 Shadow damage every one sec for five sec to all enemies within 10 yards around the target.
Circle of HealingHeals all of the target player’s party members within 15 yards of the target player for 82 to 92.
Shadow Word: DeathA word of dark binding that inflicts 130 to 152 Shadow damage to the target. If the target is not killed by a Shadow Word: Death, the caster takes damage equal to the damage inflicted upon the target.
Power Word: BarrierSummons a holy barrier to protect all party members at the target location for 10 sec, reducing all damage taken by 25 percent and preventing damage from delaying spellcasting.
Twisted FaithMind Flay and Mind Blast deal 20 percent increased damage to targets afflicted with your Shadow Word: Pain.
Shared PainYour Shadow Word: Pain now also afflicts up to two additional nearby targets within 15 yards.
HomunculiBreak off splinters of your soul to animate three miniature copies of yourself that attempt to attack your current target with a mace, sword, and axe, reducing the attack speed, attack power, and armor, respectively, of any target they hit.
Prayer of MendingPlaces a spell on the target that heals them for 150 the next time they take damage or receive healing. When the heal occurs, Prayer of mending jumps to a party member or raid member within 20 yards. Jumps up to five times and lasts 30 sec after each jump. This spell can only be placed on one target at a time.
Void PlagueAfflicts the target with a disease that causes 116 Shadow damage over 18 sec
SerendipityHealing with Flash Heal reduces the cast time of your next Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of healing by 20 percent for 20 sec, stacking up to three times.
Strength of SoulLesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, and Flash Heal reduce the remaining duration of Weakened Soul on targets they heal by four sec.

Hunter Runes

Rune nameDescription
Expose WeaknessYour ranged criticals increase your attack power by 40 percent of your current Agility for seven sec.
Master MarksmanIncreases your critical strike chance by five percent and reduces the Mana cost of all your shot abilities by 25 percent.
Lone WolfYou deal 25 percent increased damage with all attacks while you do not have an active pet.
Cobra StrikesYour critical hits with Shot abilities cause your pet’s next two special attacks to critically hit.
Kill CommandGive the command to kill, increasing your pet’s damage done from special attacks by 60 percent for 30 sec. Each special attack done by the pet reduces the damage bonus by 20 percent.
Sniper TrainingYour Shot abilities gain 30 percent increased critical strike chance while you have not moved for the last six sec.
Serpent SpreadTargets hit by your Multi-Shot are also afflicted by your Serpent Sting for six sec.
Flanking StrikeYou and your pet deal simultaneous instant 100 percent melee damage. Afterward, your Mongoose Bite and Raptor Strike deal 10 percent increased damage for 10 sec, stacking up to three times. Raptor Strike has a 20 percent chance to reset the cooldown on Flanking Strike.
Beast MasteryYour pet’s damage and health are increased by 30 percent, and its Focus regeneration by 80 percent. In addition, your pet’s Growl now also Taunts the target to attack it for three sec.
Chimera ShotYou deal 125 percent weapon damage, refreshing the current sting on your target and triggering an effect:
Serpent Sting – Instantly deals 40 percent of the damage done by your Serpent Sting.
Viper Sting – Instantly restores mana to you equal to 60 percent of the total amount drained by Viper Sting.
Scorpid Sting – Attempts to Disarm the target for 10 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once per one minute.
Explosive ShotYou fire an explosive charge into the enemy target, dealing 74-91 Fire damage. The charge will blast the target every second for an additional two sec. Cooldown shared with Arcane Shot.
CarveA sweeping attack that strikes all enemies in front of you for 50 percent weapon damage.

Mage Runes

A Gnome Mage casting Frostbolt in Tanaris in WoW Classic.
Mages are getting a healer spec. Screenshot by Dot Esports
Rune nameDescription
Rewind TimeYour current target with your Temporal beacon instantly heals all damage taken over the last five seconds. Ineffective on targets that did not have a Temporal beacon five seconds ago.
EnlightenmentYou deal 10 percent more damage while you have more than 70 percent mana. While below 30 percent mana, 10 percent of your mana regeneration continues while casting.
Living BombThe target becomes a Living Bomb, taking 142 Fire damage over 12 sec. After 12 sec or when the spell is dispelled, the target explodes, dealing 72 Fire damage to all enemies within 10 yards.
Arcane BlastBlasts the target with energy, dealing 190 to 221 Arcane damage. Each time you cast Arcane Blast, the damage and healing of all other Arcane spells is increased by 15 percent, and the mana cost of Arcane Blast is increased by 175 percent. Effect stacks up to four times and lasts six sec or until any other Arcane damage or healing spell is cast.
Ice LanceDeals 23 to 27 Frost damage to an enemy target. Causes triple damage against Frozen targets.
Icy VeinsHastens your spellcasting, increasing spellcasting speed by 20 percent and reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting by 100 percent. Lasts 20 sec
Arcane SurgeUnleash all of your remaining mana in a surge of energy focused at the target, dealing 95 to 111 Arcane damage, increased by up to 300 percent based on your mana remaining. Afterward, your normal mana regeneration is activated and increased by 300 percent for eight sec.
Mass RegenerationHeals all of target player’s party members within 15 yards of target player for 262 health over three sec and applies Temporal beacon to each target for 15 sec.
Records the subject’s space-time position. 100 percent of all Arcane damage done by the caster will be converted to chronomantic healing and divided among the caster’s current Temporal Beacon targets.
Living FlameSummons a spellfire flame that moves toward the target, leaving a trail of spellfire. This trail deals 42 Spellfire damage every second to nearby enemies. Lasts 20 sec
BurnoutIncreases your spell critical strike chance with all spells by 15 percent, but your non-periodic spell critical strikes now have an additional mana cost of one percent of your base mana.
Fingers of FrostGives your Chill effects a 15 percent chance to grant you the Fingers of Frost effect, which treats your next two spells cast as if the target were Frozen. Lasts 15 sec
RegenerationHeals the target for 485 health over three sec and applies Temporal Beacon for 30 sec.
Records the subject’s space-time position. 100 percent of all Arcane damage done by the caster will be converted to chronomantic healing and divided among the caster’s current Temporal Beacon targets.

Rogue Runes

Rune nameDescription
Deadly BrewWhen you inflict any other poison on a target, you also inflict Deadly Poison.
Just a Flesh WoundYou take 20 percent reduced Physical damage while Blade Dance is Active. Additionally, you have 6 percent reduced chance to be Critically Hit by melee attacks, the threat generated by all your actions is massively increased, and your Feint abilities are replaced with Tease, which taunts the target to attack you.
Tease – Taunts the target to attack you but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.
Quick DrawDraw your ranged weapon and fire a quick shot at an enemy, causing normal ranged weapon damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 50 percent for six sec. Awards one combo point.
Quick Draw benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.
Slaughter from the ShadowsReduces the Energy cost of your Backstab and Ambush abilities by 20. Does not apply to Mutilate.
Between the EyesRanged Finishing move that causes damage per combo point, increased by Attack Power, and stuns the target:
– One point: 27 to 41 damage, one sec stun
– Two points: 43 to 66 damage, two sec stun
– Three points: 59 to 91 damage, three sec stun
– Four points: 76 to 116 damage, four sec stun
– Five points: 92 to 141 damage, five sec stun
Blade DanceFinishing move that increases your Parry chance. Lasts longer and grants more parry chance per combo point:
– One point: 14 seconds, six percent Parry
– Two points: 18 seconds, seven percent Parry
– Three points: 22 seconds, eight percent Parry
– Four points: 26 seconds, nine percent Parry
– Five points: 30 seconds, 10 percent Parry
EnvenomFinishing move that deals instant poison damage based on your Deadly Poison doses on the target. Following the Envenom attack you have a 75 percent increased frequency of applying Instant Poison for one sec plus an additional one sec per combo point. One dose is activated per combo pont:
– One point: 40 damage
– Two points: 80 damage
– Three points: 120 damage
– Four points: 160 damage
– Five points: 200 damage
MutilateInstantly attacks with both weapons for 100 percent weapon damage plus an additional 20 with each weapon. Damage is increased by 20 percent against Poisoned targets. Awards two combo points.
Mutilate benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Backstab unless otherwise specified.
ShadowstrikeTeleport behind your target and strike, causing 150 percent weapon damage to the target. Must be stealthed. Awards one combo point.
Saber SlashViciously slash an enemy for 130 percent weapon damage, and cause the target to bleed for 11 damage every 2 sec for 12 sec, stacking up to three times. Awards one combo point.
Saber Slash benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.
ShivInstantly attack with your off-hand weapon to deal normal off-hand weapon damage with a 100 percent chance to apply the poison from your off-hand weapon to the target. Slower weapons require more energy. Awards one combo point.
Shiv benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.
Main GaucheInstantly strike with your off-hand weapon for normal off-hand weapon damage and increase your chance to parry by 10 percent for 10 sec.
Main Gauche benefits from all talents and effects that trigger or modify Sinister Strike.

Paladin Runes

Rune nameDescription
Seal of MartyrdomFills you with holy spirit for 30 sec, causing each of your melee attacks to deal 30 percent weapon damage to up to three nearby targets, but you lose health equal to 10 percent of the damage inflicted. While this seal is active, your party members within 40 yards each gain mana equal to all damge you take.
Unleashing the seal’s energy will judge an enemy, instantly causing 70 percent weapon damage at the cost of health equal to 10 percent damage inflicted.
Divine StormAn instant weapon attack that causes 110 percent of weapon damage to up to four enemies within eight yards. The Divine Storm heals up to three party or raid members totaling 25 percent of the damage caused.
Horn of LordaeronThe Paladin blows the Horn of Lordaeron, which increases total Strength and Agility of all party members within 30 yards by 17. Lasts two min. Exclusive with Blessing of Might
AegisIncrease your block value by 30 percent and damaging melee and ranged attacks against you have a 10 percent chance to increase your chance to block by 30 percent. Lasts 10 sec or 5 blocks. Effect not cumulative with Redoubt.
Divine Sacrifice30 percent of all damage taken by party members within 30 yards is redirected to the Paladin for 10 sec. Damage which reduces the Paladin below 20 percent health will break the effect and grant the paladin 10 percent increased damage and healing done over 10 sec.
Inspiration ExemplarYour inspiring presence periodically dispels fear and sleep effects on nearby party members.
Avenger’s ShieldHurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing 165 to 197 Holy damage. Dazing them and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects three total targets. Lasts 10 sec.
ExorcistExorcism can now be cast on any target and has 100 percent increased critical strike chance against Undead and Demons.
RebukeInterrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for two sec.
Beacon of LightThe target becomes a Beacon of Light to all members of your party or raid within a 60 yard radius. Any heals you cast on party or raid members will also heal the Beacon of Light for 100 percent amount healed. Only one target can be the Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts one min.
Crusader StrikeAn instant strike that causes 75 percent weapon damage and regenerates two percent of your maximum mana.
Hand of ReckoningTaunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.
While you know this ability, the threat bonus from Righteous Fury is increased to 80 percent and Righteous Fury causes you gain mana when healed by others equal to 25 percent of the amount healed. Additionally, while Righteous Fury is active, damage which takes you below 35 percent health is reduced by 20 percent. Righteous Fury will remain active until cancelled.

Shaman Runes

Dwarf Shaman casting a spell.
Shamans can finally tank. Image via Blizzard Entertainment
Rune nameDescription
Dual Wield SpecializationIncreases your chance to hit with both spells and melee attacks by five percent while dual wielding and your Stormstrike ability now hits with both weapons while dual wielding.
Shield MasteryEach time you block, you regenerate mana equal to 4 percent of your maximum mana and you gain Armor equal to 30 percent of your shield’s armor value, stacking up to five times. You also always gain 10 percent increased chance to block and 15 percent increased block value.
OverloadGives your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Chain heal, healing Wave, and lava Burst spells a 33 percent chance to cast a second, similar spell on the same target at no additional cost that causes half the damage or healing and no threat.
Healing RainSelects the area 15 yards around target player, and heals all of target player’s party members within that area for 20 sec.
Ancestral GuidanceFor the next 10 sec, 25 percent of your damage is converted to healing on up to three nearby party, and 100 percent of your healing is converted to damage on your most recent Flame Shock target.
Earth ShieldProtects the target with an earthen shield, reducing casting or channeling time lost when damaged by 30 percent, and causing attacks to heal the shielded target by 100. This effect can only occur once every few seconds. Three charges, lasts 10 min. Earth Shield can only be placed on one target at a time and only one Elemental Shield can be active on a target at a time.
Way of EarthWhile Rockbiter Weapon is active on your main hand weapon, you deal 100 percent increased threat, gain 30 percent increased health, take 10 percent reduced damage, gain six percent reduced chance to be critically hit by melee attacks, and Earth Shock taunts targets to attack you and has a separate cooldown from other Shock spells but has its range reduced to melee range.
Shamanistic RageReduces all damage you take by 20 percent and you regenerate mana every second for 15 sec. Mana regenerated per second is equal to 15 percent of your Attack Power, 10 percent of your Spell Power, or 6 percent of your healing power, whichever value is greatest.
Water ShieldThe caster is surrounded by three globes of water, granting one percent of your maximum mana per five sec. When a spell, melee, or ranged attack hits the caster, four percent of maximum mana is restored to the caster. This expends on water globe. Only one glove will be activated every few seconds, lasts 10 min. Only one elemental shield can be active on the Shaman at any time.
Lava BurstYou hurl molten lava at the target, dealing 198 to 256 Fire damage. If your Flame Shock is on the target, Lava Burst will deal a critical strike.
Lava LashYou charge your off-hand weapon with lava, instantly dealing 100 percent off-hand Weapon damage. Damage is increased by 20 percent if your off-hand weapon is enchanted with Flametongue.
Molten BlastBlast enemies in a cone in front of you for 39 to 54 Fire damage. This ability generated a high amount of threat. Flame Shock periodic damage has a 10 percent chance to reset the cooldown on Molten Blast.

Warlock Runes

Lake of FireRain of Fire also leaves a Lake of Fire on the ground that increases all Fire damage you deal and your Demon pet deals to affected enemies by 40 percent for 15 sec.
Master ChannelerYour Drain Life is no longer channeled, lasts 15 sec with a 15 sec cooldown, costs 100 percent more mana, and heals you for 50 percent more each time it deals damage.
Soul SiphonIncreases the amount drained by your Drain Life and Drain Soul spells by an additional six percent for each of your Warlock Shadow effects afflicting the target, up to a maximum of 18 percent additional effect.
Demonic TacticsIncrease the melee and spell critical strike chance of you and your pet by 10 percent.
Everlasting AfflictionDrain Life, Drain Soul, Shadowbolt, Shadow Cleave, Searing Pain, Incinerate, and Haunt refresh the duration of your Corruption on the target back to its maximum duration.
IncinerateBurn your enemy for 96 to 111 damage and increase all Fire damage you deal by 25 percent for the next 15 sec
Demonic GraceSurge with Fel energy, increasing your pet’s and your own dodge chance by 30 percent, and your chance to critically strike with all attacks by 305. Lasts six sec
Demonic PactYour pet’s critical strikes apply the Demonic Pact effect to your party members for 45 sec. Demonic Pact increases spell damage and healing by 10 percent of your spell damage or 13, whichever is higher. Does not work on Subjugated demons.
MetamorphosisTransform into a Demon, increasing Armor by 500 percent, reducing the chance you will be critically hit by 6 percent, increasing your threat by 100 percent, increasing mana gained from Life Tap by 100 percent, transforming the functionality of some of your abilities:
Searing Pain: Now instant.
Shadow Bolt: Becomes Shadow Cleave, a Shadow melee attack that hits up to three nearby enemies, but has a 6 sec cooldown.
Curse of Recklessness: Now also taunts your target to attack you for three sec, but gains 10 sec cooldown and range is reduced to melee.
Demon Charge: Charge an enemy and stun it for one sec. Cannot be used in combat.
Demonic Howl: Forces all nearby enemies to focus attacks on you for six sec.
Shadow Bolt VolleyYour Shadow Bolt now strikes up to five targets within a chain distance of 10 yards, but for 20 reduced damage.
Chaos BoltSends a bolt of chaotic fire at the enemy, dealing 225 to 286 Fire damage. Chaos Bolt always hits, cannot be resisted, and its knowledge causes all your Fire spells to pierce through absorption effects.
HauntUnleash a ghostly soul on an enemy, dealing 108 to 127 damage, and increasing all Shadow damage over time you deal to that target by 20 percent. When the Haunt ends or is dispelled, you will be healed for all the damage it dealt to your target.

Warrior Runes

Rune nameDescription
FlagellationGain a 25 percent bonus to physical damage done for 12 sec after activating Bloodrage or Berserker Rage.
Blood FrenzyEach time you deal Bleed damage, you gain three rage.
Raging BlowA ferocious strike that deals 100 percent weapon damage, but can only be used while Enrage, Berserker Rage, or Bloodrage is active.
WarbringerYour Charge, Intercept, and Intervene abilities are now usable while in combat and in any stance, and will all remove movement impairing effects when activated.
Furious ThunderThunder Clap now increases the time between attacks by an additional six percent and can be used in any stance.
Consumed by RageEnrages you and grants you a 25 percent melee damage bonus for 12 sec or up to a maximum of 12 swings after you exceed 80 Rage.
Frenzied AssaultWhile wielding two-handed weapons, your attack speed is increased by 20 percent.
Victory RushInstantly attack the target causing 151 damage and healing you for 10 percent of your maximum health. Only usable within 20 sec after you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor.
Endless RageYou generate 25 percent more Rage from all damage you deal.
DevastateWhile you are in Defensive Stance and have a shield equipped, Sunder Armor also deals 100 percent weapon damage, increased by 10 percent per application of Sunder Armor already on the target.
Single-Minded FuryWhile dual-wielding, your Physical damage and movement speed are increased by 10 percent.
Quick StrikeA reckless instant melee attack with your two-handed weapon dealing 50 to 83 physical damage. This ability benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Heroic Strike.

Runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, explained

Runes in WoW Classic season of Discovery are special items scattered across the two continents of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor that unlock additional abilities beyond the talent trees. They’re hidden in special places and are like nothing you’ve ever seen before in WoW Classic. Initially, you’ll get three new Runes. Each Season of Discovery you should get three more, ending with a total of 12 new abilities under your belt. Thanks to these Runes, classes can take on new specs with Mages getting healing abilities, and Warlocks, Shamans, and Rogues getting a viable tank spec.

It’s important to note that Runes will be tied to your gear and not the talent trees. You can still select your talents as normal as you level up, and Runes are meant to spice up the meta. Besides all that, you can freely swap between Runes when you’re out of combat without any cost.

Now that you know all of the runes that WoW Classic Season of Discovery has to offer, it’s time to get out there and explore the new content!

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