WoW Dragonflight players agree on most annoying section of season 3 Mythic+ dungeons

Nothing like a good ol' fashioned gauntlet.

A room in the Throne of the Tides dungeon in WoW
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World of Warcraft Dragonflight season three is here, and with it, the entire Mythic+ pool has been revamped.

This season, almost every dungeon in the pool is from a past expansion, with only two dungeons being from Dragonflight. With that in mind, there’s going to be some wonky sections that some players find dated and frustrating. 

One of those sections is in the Throne of the Tides, a dungeon from the Cataclysm expansion, which was released back in 2010. Just before the last boss of that dungeon, there’s a “gauntlet” of mobs you need to get through that will undoubtedly hamstring your Mythic+ run if you’re not prepared. In a thread posted on the WoW subreddit earlier today, players voiced their displeasure with this section, but some others lent a helping hand and shared their tips on how to beat it. 

Every once in a while, Mythic+ dungeons will feature sections called “gauntlets.” These bits of dungeons will almost always feature endlessly spawning mobs that don’t let up until you either move past the section of the dungeon or defeat the boss found at the end of the gauntlet. One such gauntlet can be found in Black Rook Hold, just before the third boss of the instance, Smashspite the Hateful. That gauntlet features a barrage of Fel Bats and Felguards, all of which need to be pushed through and defeated en masse to move onto the boss fight. 

But that gauntlet is relatively trivial (and far less annoying) when compared to the gauntlet found at the back end of the Throne of the Tides. Just before the final boss room of that dungeon, there’s a gauntlet that contains endless waves of corrupted water elementals. I’m not even remotely kidding when I say that every Throne of the Tides run I’ve done so far this season has included at least one teammate dying in this section of the dungeon. 

This gauntlet is notably difficult because of the Gilgoblin mobs that must be stunned and interrupted, but also because of the Tainted Sentries—giant, ink-stained water elementals that continuously pulse with AoE damage when they cast an ability called “Swell.” That ability is a major healing and survivability check, especially during Fortified weeks, as it will consistently deal massive damage to your entire group, ripping down their health bars and demanding that everyone, especially the healer, uses personal defensives and self-preservation cooldowns. 

But the easiest way to counteract this hard-hitting ability is by focusing only on single-target damage dealt to the Tainted Sentries. When you use AoE abilities to take down the Unstable Corruption enemies near the sentries, you’ll give the sentries a buff that increases the damage that Swell deals. The easiest fix is to deal only single-target damage to the Tainted Sentries, making life easier for your healer. 

Next week, the Mythic+ affixes roll over into a Tyrannical week, which should make the Tainted Sentries marginally easier to deal with. 


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