WoW Burning Crusade Classic pricing: Level boosts, character clones, and cosmetics

Players will be able to boost one character per account.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been nearly 15 years since people walked through the Dark Portal for the first time. And many will be doing it all over again on June 1 with the release of WoW Burning Crusade Classic.

But this time around, there will be a few paid services involved in the expansion.

While players won’t have to pay any extra fee to play on a Burning Crusade Classic server, they’ll be able to purchase a character clone, level 58 boost, and an in-game cosmetic package.


Players will be able to boost one character per account to level 58 beginning May 18 with the “Dark Portal Pass” for $39.99.

This level 58 boost won’t be usable on Blood Elves or Draenei, two new races that will become playable at the beginning of the pre-patch.

These level 58 boosted characters will only be able to exist on Burning Crusade servers. Boosting won’t be available for Classic-era realms.

Character Clones

When players log in on May 18, they’ll be given a choice to move to a Classic-era realm or continue on their server into TBC.

Players will only be able to go to one of those two realms for free. But players may choose to copy their existing character and have a version of it in both Classic and TBC for a fee. 

Also beginning on May 18, players will be able to clone their characters for a fee of $35 per character.

This will allow players to keep a copy of their favorite characters in Classic forever while also playing that character on a TBC server.

Deluxe Edition

When the pre-patch starts on May 18, players can buy a Deluxe Edition cosmetic bundle to celebrate the new expansion for $69.99.

Along with 30 days of game time and a Dark Portal Pass, players will get a handful of in-game cosmetics that weren’t available when TBC originally launched—something that will surely draw criticism from WoW purists. 

The package will include a “Reawakened Phase-Hunter” mount for TBC Classic and a variant on the mount for use in retail WoW called the “Viridian Phase-Hunter.”

Additionally, players will get a “Dark Portal Hearthstone” visual effect and a “Path of Illidan” toy. Both will be for TBC Classic server use.

With 30 days of game time being estimated at a price of $15 and the Dark Portal Pass costing $39.99, the cosmetics in the “Deluxe Edition” add $15 to the package.