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If you’re a goblin at heart and you love gold more than anything in World of Warcraft, you surely use the auction house to make a quick buck. But sometimes you’re at work when you get your golden-ticket idea and you really can’t check in-game auction house prices.

The auction house in WoW is a form of market where you can put binds-when-equipped items and materials to sell them for gold to other players. The prices are primarily dictated by players, but prices will also change depending on your region and the scarcity of the item in question.

No matter if you’re at home or strolling around the park, here’s how you can check WoW auction house prices. 

The best places to check WoW auction house prices

Your best and most reliable option for checking WoW auction prices is, of course, the auction house. You can find it in your capital cities or Valdrakken if you’re currently residing on the Dragon Isles.

But if you’re far from Azeroth when you want to check out the latest auction prices, you can use one of following websites

When you’re visiting these sites, make sure to select your region and your realm, otherwise, you’ll be looking at prices from a random server. Most sites are set to the United States by default, but you’ll have to select your realm to see relevant prices.

There is also plenty of auction house price-tracking addons that will show you the exact price of an item without the need to go to a city and check it out there. If you’re looking for that, try these:

One addon I highly recommend you to use is Accountant. This helps you keep track of how much gold you’re spending and earning, and where exactly your gold is going. If you’re trying to be more frugal or you just need to keep track of your earnings, Accountant can help you be more organized with your spending.

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