When does TBC Arena season 2 start?

It's coming sooner than we originally thought.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft TBC Classic’s first season of PvP arenas began just nine weeks ago, but fans are already prepared for season two to come out. 

When TBC was current in the mid-2000s, the expansion’s first arena season lasted about 20 weeks. And when TBC Classic was announced, developers expected the season to follow a similar schedule.

Season two was supposed to come out during Phase Three of the game’s content release, around the same time as the raid Black Temple. 

But in an interview with WoW PvP streamer Venruki during The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament, Classic’s lead producer Holly Longdale said season two would come earlier than originally anticipated. Instead of having to wait until Black Temple, players would get a fresh start with season two during Phase Two.

With Phase Two coming out this month, the official start of Arena season two will begin on Sept. 14.

Prior to the start of season two, WoW will have a one-week offseason, meaning season one will officially end on Sept. 7. After that point, season one gladiator and honor gear will be discounted to account for the upcoming season.

Rewards and titles for season one will be given out later in the month following season two’s start.