Mythic Dungeon International Shadowlands season 1, Cup 3: Scores and results

The Echo vs. Perplexed rivalry continues.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International is back after taking a week off for BlizzConline—and the Echo vs. Perplexed rivalry has never been stronger. 

In the first MDI cup of WoW’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, Perplexed swept the floor with every other team in the field, leaving the multi-time champions on Echo frustrated. 

While it wasn’t a clean victory for Echo in Cup Two earlier this month, Gingi and his squad were able to push their way through the losers bracket after losing the semifinals to Perplexed 2-1. 

In a highly contested match, Echo won the finals 2-1.

This week is poised to be another two horse race after Echo and Perplexed dropped a combined one map against the rest of the field during the double-elimination, best-of-three bracket. 

The weekend-long competition can be watched live on the WoW YouTube channel.

This piece will be updated with results over the course of the weekend as they become final.

Image via World of Warcraft