How to join a guild in World of Warcraft

Get by with a little help from your friends.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Joining a guild in World of Warcraft can be simple and difficult at the same time.

While little is required of you to actually become a part of a guild, the social aspects surrounding the action can make it complicated.

To get into a guild, all you need to do is contact an officer from the guild you’d like to join and ask them to invite you.

Every guild has members with varying ranks, and depending on a player’s rank in the guild, they have guild invitation privileges. Typically this is only held by officers and trusted senior members.

There’s no way for someone outside of a guild to manually add themselves to a guild without getting an invitation.

Once you give an officer your character name, they can invite you to the guild as long as you’re online to receive the invite. When they do, You will have a guild invitation pop up in the middle of your screen asking you if you’d like to accept or decline the invitation.

Image via World of Warcraft

Now that you’re in a guild, you will be able to see activity from the guild by opening up the game’s social options if you are playing Classic. In retail, there is a guild specific option you can press at the bottom of your screen.

In Classic, you can check out who in your guild is online by clicking the Social button at the bottom of your screen and clicking the Guild tab at the bottom of the pop-up the follows.

Image via World of Warcraft

The complications in joining a guild tend to revolve around the social element of the game. Most guilds won’t just add a random player just because they ask. They often have requirements for joining that include being available to raid at certain times. 

More hardcore guilds will require that you play a certain class or specialization. They might even have an interview or application process.

The key to finding the right guild is to search for players who have similar goals as you do for your player, whether they’re hardcore or casual.

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