How to earn the Warlock’s Dreadsteed mount in World of Warcraft Classic

This is one of the many reasons to play a Warlock.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re a level 60 Warlock and you’re ready to trade in that flame-hooved stallion for the upgraded model, a tedious task lies ahead. But it’ll be worth it in the end.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of the quest for your Epic Dreadsteed in WoW Classic.

Helpful addons

The first thing you may want to do is consider installing a few addons that will be helpful along the way. If you’re already level 60 and you didn’t boost, odds are you probably have most of these (or something similar) installed already. Any of the addons mentioned here can be installed easily via Curseforge, but they’re also available through other avenues across the web.


If you hit level 60 without a boost, you probably already have Questie. This essentially makes your Classic quest log function similar to the retail one. Mobs and items relevant to a quest will appear on your map just like in retail WoW. This quest chain includes a ton of travel, so this will help you know where you’re going and who you need to talk to.

Deadly Boss Mods

Again, if you leveled to 60 the old-fashioned way, you’re likely more than familiar with DBM. This is arguably the most popular addon in WoW history—and for good reason. DBM makes dungeon encounters easy to understand by way of visual and audible notifications. You’ll need to do two specific dungeons to get your Dreadsteed and DBM will help you make the most of them.


Mapster is a simple map addon that will allow you to scale the map to your liking. Classic WoW doesn’t have the option to open the map outside of fullscreen unless you’re using an addon. This is one of the best addons out there when it comes to serving that purpose. You’ll be running through a lot of treacherous areas, so being able to see while your map is open will be helpful.


Before you even pick up the quest, there’s something you can do that will save you a ton of time. Head to the auction house in your major city and buy the following items. They shouldn’t be overly expensive, so make sure you don’t get ripped off by spending hundreds of gold.

  • Six Large Brilliant Shard
  • 25 Dark Iron Ore
  • Two Elixir of Shadow Power
  • Three Black Dragonscale
  • One Arcanite Bar

These items will be required for a quest later and having them from the get-go will save you a ton of time. Once you’ve gotten all of these items, head over to your race’s primary Warlock trainer. If you’re an Orc, for example, this will be in Org. If you’re Undead, you’ll find them in the Undercity.

As long as you’re level 60, you’ll be able to snag the quest and get started.

The Chain

The quest is called Mor’zul Bloodbringer and will call for you to head to the Burning Steppes. There, you’ll find Mor’zul, who will be waiting on you. He’ll give you a quest called Rage of Blood. For this one, you’ll need to head back to Kalimdor to a place called Winterspring. Here, you’ll spend a significant amount of time farming Raging Beast’s Blood for Mor’zul. You’ll get Raging Beast’s Blood from Owlbeast, which will be marked on your map thanks to Questie. Once you’ve got all your bloods, it’s time to head back to Mor’zul.

After you hand in the quest to Mor’zul, take the follow-up to continue the chain. This quest will have you speak to Gorzeeki, who will be standing nearby. He’ll have you purchase Shadowy Potion from him and then you’re back to taking quests from Mor’zul.

Mor’zul will now offer you three quests, all of which require some specific items. If you did your auction house prep, now you know why. The items you purchased at the auction house will be used to fulfill the requirements of these three quests.

Turn these quests in and then you’ll get a follow-up that requires the Arcanite Bar you purchased. Now, it’s time to take on the Lord Banehollow section of the quest chain.

Make sure you have the Shadowy Potion you purchased from Gorzeeki in hand, then head out to Felwood in Northern Kalimdor. Once there, you’ll need to find Banehollow inside of his underground lair. You’ll see the entrance to the lair marked on the map below.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Before you enter the lair, make sure you drink one of your Shadowy Potions. This will give you a buff called Taint of Shadow, which allows you to move through Shadow Hold (Banehollow’s lair) without being aggressive. This means most of the mobs that would otherwise attack you will leave you alone. Make your way to the bottom of the lair and you’ll find Banehollow.

The Demon Lord will give you a new quest called Ulathek the Traitor. Now, you need to go kill one of his enemies elsewhere inside the lair. Navigate to Ulathek, who’s on the eastern side of the lair, then kill him. Take Ulathek’s heart back to Lord Banehollow. Make note of your Shadowfury buff and drink another potion if you start to run out of time. After you give Lord Banehollow the heart, he’ll give you a quest for Xorothian Stardust. This quest will require you to purchase Xorothian Stardust from Ur’dan, who’s standing nearby Lord Banehollow. This will cost you 150 gold.

Once you have the Stardust in hand, return to Gorzeeki in the Burning Steppes. He’ll give you a quest item that you’ll need to use next to the alchemy station in the Scholomance dungeon. After killing Ras Frostwhisper in the Scholomance dungeon, head over to the alchemy table in the room his fight takes place in. Use the Imp in a Jar item that was given to you by Gorzeeki. Finish the RP event that follows to complete the quest, then you’re free to head back to Gorzeeki.

Complete Imp Delivery through Gorzeeki and then you’ll get your final quest from Mor’zul Bloodbringer: Dreadsteed of Xoroth. For this quest, you’ll first need to buy three items from Gorzeeki that will be used to summon the Dreadsteed. These are a J’eevee’s Jar, which costs 150 gold, a Black Lodestone for 50 gold, and a scroll of Xorothian Glyphs, which is also 50 gold.

If you don’t want to drop 250 gold on these three items, there’s one alternative. These items will be used to summon the Dreadsteed for a quest event after defeating the boss Immol’thar in Dire Maul. If you can have a Warlock who already owns these items come with you, he can initiate the quest event for you and you can save the 250 gold. Try spamming looking for a group chat offering 50 to 100 gold if a Warlock with the mats will join you for the summon. You’ll be surprised at how often this works.

Once you use the quest items and summon the Dreadsteed, kill it. A ghostly figure of the Dreadsteed will appear over its dead body and will offer you a quest turn in. Once you turn in the quest, you’ll now have the ability to summon the Epic Warlock mount, the Dreadsteed.