How to attune to Karazhan in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic

Here's everything you need to prepare for TBC Classic's first raid.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Karazhan is the first raid WoW: Classic players will encounter in The Burning Crusade. But in comparison to modern WoW raids, where players can simply walk through the gates and start completing content, Classic raids require a lengthy attunement process—and this is most evident in Karazhan. 

Sure, Karazhan is perhaps the most iconic, memorable, and most well-designed raid in all of TBC, but getting to experience it is an infamous challenge all on its own. Here’s everything you need to know to conquer the hurdle that is Karazhan’s attunement process and make your way into WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic’s first raid. 

First set of quests

  1. The attunement process begins by traveling to Deadwind Pass and speaking with Archmage Alturus. Accept and complete the quests “Restless Activity” and “Arcane Disturbances” that he offers. 
  2. Once you’re finished with the first two quests, accept Alturus’ next quest, “Contact from Dalaran.”
  3. Head to the Dalaran Crater in the Alterac Mountains and speak with Archmage Cedric to turn in the quest.
  4. Archmage Cedric will send you to Shattrath City to speak with Khadgar. He’ll then give you a lengthy quest chain to obtain several key fragments to enter Karazhan. 

First key fragment

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  1. Head to the Shadow Labyrinth and completely clear the dungeon (including the final boss, Murmur).
  2. Once you’ve cleared out the Shadow Labyrinth, open the Arcane Container located on the left side of the boss room and defeat Grandmaster Vorpil, the enemy that spawns from the container. 
  3. Grandmaster Vorpil will drop the first key fragment required to enter Karazhan. Return it to Khadgar to advance to the next quest in the chain, “The Second and Third Fragments.”

Second key fragment

  1. To start searching for the second key fragment, head over to the Steamvaults and make your way to the first boss, Hydromancer Thespia.
  2. Before entering the room that contains the boss, jump into the large body of water located on the left side of the instance’s main bridge.
  3. Another Arcane Container will be in one of the corners of that pool. Open it up, defeat the guardian who spawns, and loot the second key fragment before leaving or completing the Steamvaults.

Third key fragment

  1. Once the first two key fragments are in your possession, the third one can be found in the Arcatraz. To enter that instance, you’ll need to have a flying mount to reach it, as well as the key to get in. 
  2. Once you have both of the required items to enter the Arcatraz, make your way through the dungeon until you find the room near the end of the instance that’s filled with Voidwalkers. 
  3. In the back corner of that room, you’ll find the final Arcane Container. Open it to reveal and defeat another guardian. 
  4. Once you’ve collected the final key fragment, make your way back to Shattrath City. Speak with Khadgar to advance to the next quest. 

Obtaining the Master’s Key

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  1. Khadgar will send you to the Black Morass for the final leg of the attunement chain. Make sure you’re attuned to that dungeon before continuing on. 
  2. Pick up the quest “The Opening of the Dark Portal” once inside the instance and complete the Black Morass dungeon before accepting the next quest in the chain from Medivh. 
  3. After finishing the Black Morass, Medivh will send you back to Khadgar in Shattrath City. Speak with the Archmage once you arrive and claim The Master’s Key for yourself upon completing the quest. 
  4. Once this key is in your possession, you’ll have completed the attunement process for Karazhan. 
  5. Khadgar offers another quest titled “The Violet Eye,” which will continue the Karazhan storyline but is not required for attunement.