Echo wins The Great Push, first one-off WoW event of 2021

They were able to overcome 2,100 teams to win the event.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Over 10,000 players on more than 2,100 teams participated in the first one-off World of Warcraft: Shadowlands event of the year, where Echo came out on top to secure the $20,000 prize pool.

The competition was fierce and all the top five qualified teams for this week’s event were breathing down the necks of each other until the last second of the tournament. Echo overcame a huge score deficit and used some creative tactics to get a lead over their opponents in the Plaguefall dungeon by using Misdirection to juggle threat on the two tanks in the group.

Screengrab via Blizzard

In the last minute of the event, Echo, Skyline, Ambition, and Sheeesh were all tied at 156 points, but Echo’s creative strategy worked wonders and gave them the last point they needed in the nick of time. While the top five competitors were close in skill level, the sixth team YEP failed to finish three dungeons, acquiring only 77 points throughout the weekend.

Throughout the event, two World Firsts records were set by Echo and Sheeesh. While some players praised Echo for their creative use of game mechanics, others regarded it as a win due to an unfixed exploit. All teams were able to take advantage of this, yet only Echo discovered it and used it to secure the win in the last minute of the event.

The Great Push is the first one-off competitive event of the year, where teams had to complete all six Shadowlands dungeons in whatever order they chose. Teams were able to repeatedly run any dungeons to push for the highest Keystones possible. They had five hours each day to test their skills, with their final run needing to start before the stipulated time ends. Teams started at Keystone level 24 while dealing with four affixes, which were revealed at the start of the broadcast.

The event drew a lot of viewers on both Twitch and YouTube platforms. There have been a lot of positive reactions from the community, who enjoyed a new type of competitive tournament in WoW. According to Blizzard’s announcement at the start of the year, there will be another one-off tournament in 2021. Following the success of the first event, it’s possible that the second tournament will gather even more viewers and add on to the amazing run The Great Push had over this weekend.