Demon Hunter, Monk residually buffed in latest round of WoW hotfixes

These class tuning changes come alongside several other fixes to minor bugs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In the latest batch of World of Warcraft hotfixes, Blizzard has implemented several buffs to Demon Hunters and Monks.

Demon Hunters can expect to see a buff to the damage dealt by The Hunt, the Night Fae covenant ability, in addition to the healing received from Spirit of Darkness Flame when Fiery Brand is casted. 

Monk players should be prepared for a heavily-targeted buff toward Storm, Earth, and Fire. The spirits that are summoned when the ability is cast will now apply the debuff associated with Keefer’s Skyreach onto enemy targets. Additionally, they will proc the Jade Ignition Runecarving power and help contribute to the damage dealt by Chi Explosion.

The buffs to the Monk class come just several days after a gameplay-altering bug was reported to decrease damage that Monks dealt by up to 30 percent damage. The bug was properly fixed earlier in the week, but Monks have been receiving several buffs as a form of compensation. In addition to the buffs surrounding Storm, Earth, and Fire implemented today, Monks also received buffs to two core abilities: Spinning Crane Kick and Fists of Fury. 

Blizzard has been implementing a series of balance changes to several classes and covenants over the span of the last few weeks. It’s still unclear when Patch 9.1 will hit live servers, but players should expect even more tuning changes coinciding with the release of the update.