Blizzard nerfs WoW boss Halondrus as top guilds hit wall in Race to World First

The most difficult mid-tier boss in recent memory is being downsized.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has nerfed one of the bosses in World of Warcraft‘s latest raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones, amid the Race to World First.

The top WoW guilds in the world have reached the first major “wall” of the Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First event. Halondrus, the seventh boss of the 11-boss raid, has kept some of the world’s best teams from progressing through the raid for nearly the last two full days of the race. 

To ease the way for some of the world’s top teams, such as North America’s Liquid and Europe’s Echo, Blizzard has released a nerf to Halondrus on Mythic difficulty. The details of the nerf were first reported by WoW stats tracking site

One of the most prominent features of the nerf is a flat decrease to Halondrus’ HP, cutting the boss’ health by 10 percent. Before the nerf, only two guilds in the world, Liquid and Echo, brought the boss below 60 percent of its total health pool. Moving forward, Halondrus’ total HP on Mythic difficulty will be 80.2 million, compared to its previous total of 89.1 million. 

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Additionally, one of the boss’ most hard-hitting abilities, Planetcracker Beam, was altered so that its spawn location is no longer variable. The final portion of the nerf made one of Halondrus’ other abilities, Crushing Prism, less likely to target ranged DPS players.

Only six WoW teams in the world have reached Halondrus in the Race to World First. Liquid and Echo have spent the most time on the boss, with each guild nearing 200 pulls over the course of the last two days. 

The nerfs to Halondrus are now live on European and North American WoW servers, with guilds across the world continuing to progress in the race.