Blizzard nerfs Mythic Anduin Wrynn during Race to World First

The devs are also reducing his health by 10 percent.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has again nerfed a Mythic raid boss during the World of Warcraft Race to World First for Sepulcher of the First Ones, this time making significant alterations to Anduin Wrynn.

After spending numerous days, and more than 300 attempts, on Halondrus the Reclaimer, the top guilds in the world, like Team Liquid and Echo, have been stalled out on the next boss in the instance. 

With each notching more than 100 attempts on the boss, it appeared as though this RWF was in for another long, drawn-out marathon of a boss fight. But yesterday, Blizzard made a few adjustments to try to make the boss slightly easier.

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The changes made during the day yesterday included reductions in health to additional enemy NPCs in the fight and damage output from some of the fight’s mechanics. And later in the evening, the developer told RWF competitors that another big nerf was incoming on top of that.

Last night while Liquid were progressing on Anduin, the guild’s raid leader Maximum said on his Twitch stream that Blizzard informed his team that the boss would be getting a 10-percent reduction to his health.

The devs from Blizzard regularly give top guilds like Liquid and Echo intel on nerfs that are on the way because of their RWF efforts, according to Max. Broadcasters and members of each guild have frequently mentioned that they are in constant communication with Blizzard throughout the RWF. Sometimes, communication is in order to minimize bugs, but the developer will also give guilds a heads up on hotfixes and boss nerfs so they can adjust their progression accordingly.

These nerfs mark the second time that Blizzard has made a Mythic difficulty boss easier during this RWF alone. Anduin has been nerfed two times now and Halondrus also received a reduction in its health while Liquid and Echo were progressing on it. The two bosses are the seventh and eighth bosses of the instance out of 11 total, suggesting guilds looking to win the RWF could be in for quite the long haul.