Blizzard hotfixes Anduin Wrynn in WoW’s Sepulcher of the First Ones raid

The fixes could affect RWF reclears.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Beginning today, Anduin Wrynn will be a slightly different encounter for World of Warcraft players looking to clear Sepulcher of the First Ones following their weekly regional reset.

Upon each region’s reset, Blizzard is implementing hotfixes to the boss, including nerfs to the Normal and Heroic versions of the boss as well as bug fixes that could affect the Mythic RWF.

Heroic and Normal difficulties are receiving nerfs to a couple of mechanics, particularly reductions to the health and speed of Anduin’s Doubt and Anduin’s Hope. Normal is also getting a reduction to the damage that Purging Light does.

As for bug fixes, raiders in the Race to World First noticed that some mechanics were not working as intended and it appeared to benefit Echo during their progression on the boss. 

There was an issue for a period of time in which Empowered Wicked Stars and Fragment of Hope were not dealing the appropriate amount of damage. Wicked Stars was also not silencing players. This was a particularly beneficial bug to Echo, who ended up being able to progress on the fight without having to truly deal with those mechanics.

With the weekly reset in North America today and Europe tomorrow, Team Liquid and Echo will both look to reclear Sepulcher of the First Ones before continuing progression on the raid’s final boss, The Jailer. Given these bug fixes to Anduin, it might take slightly longer for the guilds to get back to The Jailer. And while it likely won’t be hugely problematic for either group, any amount of time being stalled could be the difference between winning the race and coming in second.