Riot Games reveals Rengar abilities for Wild Rift in video

The era of Mages and botlaners without mobility is coming to an end.

Image via Riot Games

For League of Legends players, there will be no surprise: the Pridestalker will be relatively similar to his version in the PC game.

Riot Games revealed Rengar’s abilities iWild Rift by posting a video earlier today. Even his appearance and those of his kit are entirely similar to his original version which should please Rengar mains out there.

Even Bonetooth Necklace, his trophy hunting ability which grants him permanent additional attack damage when he gets kills, seems to have been integrated. He might look complicated to play at first, but after a couple of games, players should get used to the hunter’s gameplay.

He’s not the kind of jungler who can simply focus on farming camps and get neutral objectives on the map. Rengar thrives on ganks, dives and aggression. Paired with KhaZix’s camouflaging Unseen Threat, Wild Rift‘s meta might shift towards a more combative playstyle centered on hunters in the jungle.

Rengar will be introduced into Wild Rift on May, 5 at 7pm CT, at the same time as Kha’Zix. The time-limited event focusing on the pair’s rivalry, called Masters of the Hunt, celebrates their addition to the game. It will likely offer the champions for free to players able to complete sets of challenges.

The skin Night Hunter, which also exists in League, will be released alongside Rengar, as well as other themed cosmetic items.

For players who don’t know the champion in League, here is a breakdown of his abilities:

  • Passive: Unseen Predator
    • Leap to target from bushes or camouflage.
    • Gain attack damage per unique takedown.
    • Gain ferocity per basic abilities.
    • With four of ferocity, enhance your next ability.
  • Q: Savagery
    • Empower the next attack by gaining attack speed.
    • Enhanced version: the boost has a longer duration.
    • Ultimate: gain more damage.
  • W: Battle Roar
    • Heal gained, based on the damage taken, and deals damage to the enemies around him.
    • Enhanced and under ultimate: gains more speed and cleanses all crowd controls affecting him.
  • E: Bola Strike.
    • Throws bolas to slow an enemy.
    • Enhanced and under ultimate: deals more damage and roots the enemy.
  • Ultimate: Rengar gradually becomes invisible and gains movement speed, revealing nearby enemies. Then, he activates his passive and he shreds the armor of first enemy targeted.