Na’Vi signs Chinese Wild Rift roster

Natus Vincere is branching out.

Image via Riot Games

Ukrainian esports organization Natus Vincere is exploring the mobile market with its latest team acquisition.

The org signed five Chinese Wild Rift players today, formerly of Team Ghost. 

The new roster, which will be based in Europe, includes players Garen and Ghost, who “actively played other MOBAs” before their switch to Wild Rift, along with Mumu and Juzi, who “used to play” Arena of Valor, and 15-year-old SkyFL.

All players in the Na’Vi roster, including Russian coach K1ndaGod, are currently in the top 50 of the European Wild Rift ranking. Last month, they won the Singularity Winter Cup under the Team Ghost banner, taking home $3,000.

“We have been watching mobile esports and exploring different options we could take,” Na’Vi chief operating officer Aleksey “xaoc” Kucherov said in a press release. “Wild Rift has a high potential at this stage, even though it’s only getting started.”

Fans of competitive Wild Rift will be able to watch the new roster play at the Mobile Mayhem Championship this weekend on Saturday, March 13. The team will also compete in the Zenith League and The Purge EU Season 3.