League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list – The best champions in the game

It's a Wild Rift out there.

Image via Riot Games

Much like in League of Legends, there are certain champions in Wild Rift that excel better than the others. Each champion has different abilities, allowing them to achieve their goals around the map.

Though the map and the champions look similar to League, Wild Rift is an entirely different game. Riot Games developed Wild Rift from the ground up to make it compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, and the team also made design decisions to make the game more mobile-friendly.

Alongside a smaller map, each champions’ abilities were slightly tweaked to increase their playability. This means that tier lists for League won’t hold up when it comes to Wild Rift. Considering each patch introduces new champions and balance changes, you should expect all listed champions to move up or down as time progresses.

Choosing a lane and champions to master will increase your odds of winning, allowing you to climb up the ranks faster. Pick a couple of champions from the top of the list and try optimizing your gameplay around their abilities. If it’s a champion you’ve never played before, watch a couple of guides on YouTube to kickstart your journey.

Here are the best champions in Wild Rift.



Garen is one of the easiest champions to play in Wild Rift. He features a relatively straightforward ability kit. His tanky nature allows him to sustain in the Baron lane. 

Garen combines his sustainability with an ability that can quickly clear minion waves. This allows him to push fastly when an opportunity presents itself. Pushing out the lane with your damage abilities before going back to base is usually a decent strategy to apply since you’ll reduce the number of minions you’ll miss while making your way back to the lane.


The average game length in Wild Rift is shorter than League. There will be games that you’ll struggle to farm your items due to a snowballing enemy.

A tanky hero who isn’t item-dependent will make sure that you’ll be able to capitalize on your enemies’ mistakes, which can let you get back into the game.

Once paired with an aggressive ADC like Ezreal, Alistar turns into a lane bully. A misstep from your enemies can lead to their demise, and you can start out-leveling them as they walk back to the lane.

You can roam to the mid lane or help your jungler in nearby fights when you’re winning your lane. The best part of Alistar’s kit is his ultimate that allows him to tank even more damage. Just cast your ultimate and try to stun one or two champions. The chaos you’ll create will be enough for your damage-dealing teammates to shine. 


There are a couple of boxes that high-tier Baron lane champions have to check. The first one is self-sustainability, and the second is the overall teamfight impact.

You can increase your effectiveness in a teamfight by soaking as much as damage possible or using your available initiation abilities to start one in clutch ways.

Darius is one of the few that checks all of these boxes, and the Baron lane gladiator can turn into a nightmare to deal with for fragile enemy champions. Darius’ Decimate ability allows him to heal himself while doubling as a wave-pushing tool.

While Darius can look less agile than champions with movement abilities, he can catch them off guard with his Apprehend. This ability allows Darius to pull an enemy in front of him, and it can create game-winning situations once he combines it with his Flash.


Junglers can take over a game by merely out farming everyone on the map. Making sure that others don’t have the chance to challenge your farm depends on how much harder you can make their laning stage harder. Ganking is essential to achieve this, and the pressure you’ll create around the map will help you secure more objectives.

Evelynn is a master of ganking. Her self-healing allows her to rotate around with a higher health pool after clearing the jungle. Even if the enemy team wards around their lane, Evelynn can always find an angle with her camouflage.

You can continue to use your camouflage throughout the later stages of the game to single out ADC and support champions, which you can easily one-shot.


ADCs have a hard time staying alive. While they dish out high amounts of damage throughout the later stages of the game, they can also get one shot by enemy assassins.

Ezreal’s built-in mobility tool makes him quite harder to catch compared to other ADCs. His ultimate spell adds a slight global presence to his kit. If you can hit your ultimates while farming in the Dragon lane, you’ll out-scale the enemy ADC even faster.


Mid laners is where most mage and assassin champions clash. While the overall damage output of these champions play an important role on how viable they are, the ones with mobility tools tend to be one step ahead of the others.

Zed doubles his deadly kit with ankle-breaking mobility tools that allow him to get in and out of impossible situations.



Tanky supports allow more opportunities when it comes to making plays, but they aren’t the only type of support champions available in the game.

Lulu’s leading the pack when it comes to enchanting supports and her shielding abilities give enough time to ADC champions to deal their damage. You’ll need to watch out your positioning while playing Lulu since your enemies will most likely try to focus you down before they try to take down your ADC.

Lulu’s also quite good at chipping away at enemy champions’ health pools, allowing her jungler to swing by and secure easy kills.


You may have a hard laning stage, but it may not hold you back from making an impact in teamfight if you’re playing the right champions.

Malphite has one of the best area-of-effect (AoE) stuns in the game, but you’ll need to be patient until level six to start using it. His tanky kit lets him survive even if he decides to jump into five enemy heroes stacked onto each other.

Remember that Malphite is a fire starter. This means that in most cases, you’ll need to be the one initiating teamfights. Make sure that your teammates are close by so they can easily follow your lead.

Lee Sin

Another jungler to keep an eye on Lee Sin. He’s one of the more versatile junglers in the game. Depending on your lineup, you can build Lee Sin both in a tanky or a damage-dealing way.

He doesn’t have any troubles while clearing the jungle and his mobility tools let him gank lanes from unforeseeable angles. 


If you’re looking to form a lineup with an excellent wombo-combo potential, then you’ll need to add Orianna into the mix. 

Orianna’s aggressive laning style allows her to put pressure on the mid lane tower when her opponent decides to recall back to base. Considering most of Orianna’s counters in League haven’t made their debut in Wild Rift, she seems to have a free reign over the mid lane, unless the enemy jungler decides to focus on her. 


Jhin plays quite differently compared to other ADC champions. While you’ll be auto-attacking other champions like there’s no tomorrow with all ADCs, you’ll need to count your bullets with Jhin.

His bullet mechanic means that he can burst down opponents before they can understand what happened to them. His long-range ultimate allows him to make pseudo rotations around the map, allowing him to contribute to his team while sacrificing minimal farm.


Though they may deal less damage or be more fragile, you can still outplay all of these champions from higher tiers. The champions weren’t able to make the cut because most of them have steep learning curves, though.

If you’re committed to master them, each can prove themselves to be worthy threats in Summoner’s Rift.

  • Blitzcrank
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Fiora
  • Camille
  • Fizz
  • Kennen
  • Seraphine
  • Shyvana
  • Yasuo