Kennen, 4 skins introduced to League of Legends: Wild Rift

"The eyes never lie."

League of Legends: Wild Rift has introduced Kennen, the second champion accessible through the Yordle Expedition in-game event.

The top lane mage enters the Wild Rift, and players will be happy to know his skillset has gone unchanged from the PC League of Legends game.

Kennen is just the second of five champions coming to the game over the next few weeks as part of the Yordle Expedition. Lulu was first, and in the future, we can expect Corki, Tristana, and Teemo to make their way into the game.

Along with the champions introduction, four new skins were added into the game, two of these for Kennen.

Firstly, Artics Ops Kennen, a popular skin from League of Legends that sees Kennen don some cold-weather gear with a distinct camo print. The other skin introduced for the champion was Super Kennen, which as the name hints, will see the champion take on the appearance of a superhero.

There were also two more skins introduced for other champions these being Sad Robot Amumu and Arclight Varus.

There is still plenty of time until the Yordle Expedition ends on Jan. 29, giving players the ability to earn these champions for free as they release through the event. Alternatively, each Yordle can be bought from the in-game shop following their introduction into the game.