Best Master Yi builds in Wild Rift

The true blade master.

Master Yi
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League of Legends: Wild Rift carries on a lot of features from its predecessor, League of Legends. One of these elements is the fact the entire roster of 79 champions that are playable right now is all based on the PC version in some way.

Each champion stands out as a unique entity with their own backstory and roles to play in a match of Wild Rift, some wearing many hats while others specialize in one area, including this champion: Master Yi. 

Here’s what you need to know about Master Yi in Wild Rift, including a breakdown of his specialized role and skills.

Master Yi

Master Yi the Wuju Bladesman is an AD Fighter champion. Primarily played in the jungler role, there are not as many flexible ways to play this champion compared to some others like Morgana. But having a defined role is not a bad thing by any means, because this allows the champion to be the best at what they do.


The crux of Master Yi’s potential in Wild Rift comes from his varied skills that synergize well with each other:

  • Double Strike (Passive): Every fourth attack in succession strikes twice, with a bonus of 150 percent damage every time it procs. This passive effectively turns four hits to five with increased damage at no extra cost.
  • Alpha Strike: Strikes all enemies in the target AoE for four hits of 30/70/110/150 damage each, at random, with bonus damage of 80/110/140/170 done if the affected target is a monster. Each hit also has a chance to proc a critical strike for 60 percent bonus damage. If every hit strikes the same target, the damage per hit reduces by 25 percent per consecutive strike. Master Yi becomes untargetable during this time.
  • Meditate: Channels in place for four seconds, healing Master Yi for 40/60/80/100 per second while also providing damage reduction of 55/60/65/70 percent for its duration.
  • Wuju Style: When activated, this skill adds 22/34/46/58 true damage in addition to Master Yi’s attack damage. This applies to all basic attacks. Master Yi also passively gains 10 percent AD when this ability is off cooldown.
  • Highlander (Ultimate): When activated, Master Yi gains a bonus attack speed increase of 30/50/70 percent and a bonus movement speed increase of 35/45/55 percent, while also being immune to any kind of slows used against him. This skill lasts for seven seconds. Takedowns extend the duration of this skill by an additional seven seconds, while also passively decreasing the cooldown of all of Master Yi’s skills by 70 percent.

Alpha Strike doubles as both an offensive and defensive skill. It does damage to up to four enemies caught in its AoE, while also being completely immune to damage during its duration. This means being able to dodge or entirely evade a lot of AoE crowd control skills most other champions could not while applying constant pressure with the damage output.

Meditate keeps Master Yi healthy throughout long conflicts, also providing a substantial 70 percent damage reduction at max level, making it incredibly useful during clutch situations. The heal should not be underestimated either because gaining 100 HP per second can be the difference between life and death in most teamfights.

Wuju Style is excellent even when not activated, providing a flat 10 percent damage increase. Upon activation, however, adding true damage to basic attacks and Alpha Strike makes it that much more potent. This also triggers off Double Strike, making a four-hit combo very painful for Master Yi’s enemies.

Highlander is what bumps Master Yi up to highly threatening. While having a 70 percent cooldown decrease on his skills passively per Takedown is great by itself, the active ability synergizes impressively with the other skills. It ensures that the hunt will be successful by making Master Yi unslowable while allowing him to run and hit even faster than he usually does.


As a jungler, these items draw out Master Yi’s full potential:

  • Death’s Dance
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Mercury’s Treads – Stasis
  • Navori Quickblades
  • Solari Chargeblade
  • Stormrazor

Death’s Dance allows Master Yi to be tankier, letting him take decreased damage while taking a percentage of the negated damage as damage over time. It also deals damage equivalent to the negated damage taken while takedowns heal him over time.

Apart from providing a flat movement speed increase, Phantom Dancer also provides a defensive shield that absorbs damage when Master Yi’s HP drops to 35 percent.

The Stasis effect from Mercury’s Treads is perfect to save Master Yi in a tough situation, making him untargetable and invulnerable for the duration. This can be used after Alpha Strike to further increase the invulnerability period.

Navori Quickblades ensure Master Yi’s abilities are always ready by reducing their cooldowns each time he gets a critical strike. With Alpha Strike’s increase in crit chance, it almost ensures his skills will always be off cooldown.

The Solari Chargeblade further boosts Master Yi’s damage by adding magic damage to his physical attacks. This damage can also crit along with his base damage, leading to a lethal combination that will test all the resistances of his foes.

Finishing off the build is Stormrazor. This item energizes the damage dealt by Master Yi when he moves and attacks, which is perfect for his playstyle. Apart from that, each energized attack deals bonus damage and also slows with each hit, further enabling his hunter-chaser nature.


Screengrab via Riot Games

Unlike most other champions, Master Yi is played as a hard jungler, making him have only one role in Wild Rift. But with his skillset and appropriate items, he pulls it off really well.

Jungler build

The priority for his jungler skill build focuses on Alpha Strike, and as such, this skill is maxed out first, by level seven. Alpha Strike helps Master Yi clear out the jungle incredibly quickly with the bonus critical damage as well as a flat damage increase with his Wuju Style.

Due to this, Wuju Style is then maxed out next, with a value point taken in Meditate to sustain early-game jungling. The bonus damage from Wuju Style couples up nicely with Alpha Strike, making short work of jungles. Along with his Highlander ultimate ability, ensuring a sustainable stream of damage from these two basic skills is not too difficult.

Finally, Meditate is maxed out last, with one value point taken at preferably level four because subsequent levels are not as impactful earlier in the game. A flat 55 percent damage reduction coupled with a consistent heal every second more than makes up for his lack of sustenance in the early levels until Highlander is acquired at level five.

Highlander is also leveled up at every possible chance at levels five, nine, and 13.

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