How to get Khora Prime in Warframe

The huntress and her loyal companion got an overhaul.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe‘s Khora finally got her Prime version, overhauling both the huntress and her loyal companion, Venari. She launched as part of Update 31.7, which deployed shortly after Digital Extremes displayed her at Tennocon 2022. The overhauled version of the Warframe comes with its own new fashion skin and improved visuals for Venari and Prime versions of the Hystrix Prime and Dual Keres Prime.

The base version of Khora drops randomly from the base version of Cephalon Simaris’ Sanctuary Onslaught. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of it,

Whether you want to snag Khora to build her or to focus on her Strangledome for the extra loot, getting Khora Prime may take you some time and rely on RNG. Here’s how to get this Warframe if you don’t want to go after the base version of Khora.

How to get Khora Prime in Warframe

Khora Prime is available for cash with the Prime Access bundle, which will award players access to the Warframe and a series of other drops, such as a Syandana and a Narta. If you’re not looking to shell out cash, however, Khora Prime can drop from Void Relics across the system. Khora Prime drops from:

  • Khora Neuroptics Blueprint: Axi K8 (Rare)
  • Khora Prime Blueprint: Lith K9 (Rare)
  • Khora Prime Chassis Blueprint: Neo N21 (Uncommon)
  • Khora Prime Systems Blueprint: Meso P8 (Common)

The best missions to farm Khora Prime are:

  • Lith K9 (Khora Prime Blueprint): Hepit on the Void is a short mission and has a 12.5 percent chance of dropping the blueprint you need, according to the official drop tables. Taranis on the Void also has a good chance of dropping those Relics, though Hepit can be done much more quickly.
  • Axi K8 (Khora Prime Neuroptics Blueprint): Apollo in Lua (Disruption) has a good chance of dropping it as long as you keep all nodes alive. Likewise, Xini in Eris will drop either an Axi or a Neo Relic upon completion depending on rotation, making it efficient for farming the Neuroptics and Chassis.
  • Neo N21 (Khora Prime Chassis Blueprint): Ukko in the Void will give you either a Meso or a Neo Relic, and since it’s a Capture mission, you can get it done quickly.
  • Meso P8 (Khora Prime Systems Blueprint): Io (Defense) in Jupiter has a high chance of dropping this on rotation A. Ukko will also work for a mix of Meso and Neo Relics.

Once you get the Void Relics, you’ll need to open them by heading into a Void Fissure mission. Players can choose between a drop from all the Relics in the session at the end of each assignment (or wave, in the case of endless missions). This means higher-population lobbies are your best bet for getting Khora Prime when opening Relics.