How to level up Minis fast in Warcraft Rumble

Prepare the grind.

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As you progress through Warcraft Rumble, you might notice a massive upscaling of difficulty that your tiny unleveled mini figures will have no chance of beating.

The difficulty scales up quite a bit, almost as if Blizzard is trying to force players to purchase better units and upgrades in an effort to combat the hardest levels or get an advantage in PVP.

How to level up mini units in Warcraft Rumble

There are various ways to level up minis in Warcraft Rumble, but there’s no surefire way to power level the specific one you want unless RNG is on your side. Some of your options include:

Story Progression

Warcraft Rumble Victory Screen
Victory is Ours! Screenshot by Dot Esports

The easiest way to level up your minis comes from just beating chapters. As a chapter is beaten, a unit you use will level up upon success. It isn’t much, but with such a limited way to upgrade units, it’s better than nothing.

G.R.I.D. Shop

The G.R.I.D. Store Warcraft Rumble
GRID STORE. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In the G.R.I.D. shop, which you unlock a few missions into the tutorial, you will be given the option to buy units using the coins you have collected via the campaign. Sometimes when buying these units, an XP Boost crystal can appear in the store and, if placed next to or in the same row as a unit you plan to buy, it will boost the level of that unit upon purchase.

This method only works to fast-track new units, though, and can’t be used on existing ones.

XP Tomes

XP Tome in Warcraft Rumble
Tome Levels. Screenshot by Dot Esports

XP Tomes are a rare item rewarded or bought with coins or real money. These tomes give you the option to choose between one of two random units to dump crystals in to level them up quickly. Each tome gives you three chances to level up random units and are mainly rewarded for every three successive wins in the campaign.

Pay for it

Warcraft Rumble Paid Store
Hard Earned Cash. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There is no easy way of saying this, but as the game is F2P, there are paid incentives that give you boosts to character and mini leveling if you wish to do so. Such is the nature of F2P games, pay-to-win will always be a major feature to try and squeeze as much cash out of you as possible.


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