Who is VALORANT agent 21? Here’s everything we know

The next Agent most likely hails from India.

Image via Riot Games

Teasers for VALORANT‘s upcoming agent have been revealed as the first Act of Episode Five comes to a close.

The latest VALORANT PBE update introduced a new email sent to Brimstone’s laptop, which is located in The Range. This email comes from Fade, who was the last agent to be added to the lineup and gives the name and possible origin of the new member. Fade gives the name Varun Batra and refers to the agent as “he” meaning there will be another male agent in the rotation.

“The keeper of Legion’s new power source has a name: Varun Batra,” Fade said in the email. “I ran a trace on his Alpha counterpart. Turns out he’s a REALM operative. I freelance for TREAM years ago; multinational task force recovering historical artifacts from black market trade. My first question: why does Legion need an antiquities expert?”

The last name Batra is a Hindu and Sikh name of unknown meaning based on the name of a clan in the Arora community, giving more insight to from where the next agent could be coming. Riot Games has made sure to create agents from around the world and introduce cultures not yet seen in the video game space. This could also be the case if Varun Batra turns out to be an agent from India, the first for the VALORANT franchise. Varuna, a similar first name, also has Hindu significance as the name comes from the Hindu Puranas where Varuna is the god of the oceans.

New Agent teaser | Screengrab from Valorant Update

With a crocodile mount and noose as a weapon, these could both be inspirations for the upcoming agent who has been named after this Hindu god. An additional clue to the next agent was also added to The Range in the form of a new symbol on the bulletin board. This symbol could have many meanings but could be tied to Varun’s powers and how they are represented in the game.