Who is Skye’s voice actor in VALORANT?

Who voices the Australian initiator in VALORANT?

VALORANT’s 13th agent, Skye, was released on Oct. 27, 2020 and has since become a staple in both casual and competitive play due to her unique supportive skillset.

Skye was one of VALORANT’s first non-beta agents following her release on Patch 1.11, and she was the third agent released after the initial agents were released in the beta. Now, after a year and a half after her release, many still are wondering who exactly voices the Australian agent, and more importantly, is her voice actress really Australian?

Who voices Skye in VALORANT?

Image via Miranda O’Hare’s YouTube Channel

Well, for all those skeptical, Skye is voiced Australian actress Miranda O’Hare. O’Hare received the role of Skye after she auditioned for the character in April 2020. She revealed that Skye’s original name was supposed to be “Emily” until the developers changed the name. Funnily enough, O’Hare revealed that she isn’t an “avid gamer,” according to an interview with Sportskeeda, and that she was not sure what VALORANT was at first.

Now, her voice is recognized by many VALORANT players as one of the game’s most popular initiators. Skye is not O’Hare’s first video game voice acting role either. Previously, she had done voice work in the 2020 video game XCOM: Chimera Squad, where she voiced agent Zephyr. 

Alongside her work in video games, O’Hare has a portfolio of various credits in television and movies that date all the way back to 2008.

O’Hare grew up in Cambra, Australia before moving to Sydney when she was a teenager. There, she began her acting career in both the United States and Australia before making Los Angeles, California her permanent residence in 2014. Since her role as Skye, O’Hare has not done any voice acting work, as far as we know. Right now, she is currently portraying Adriana in the TV series Killing the Cure.

Nonetheless, her voice lives on in multiple VALORANT games every single day and for that, we are thankful for her work.