What is the Community battle pass in VALORANT?

Let creativity in.

Image via Riot Games

The battle pass is one of the best ways to unlock new cosmetics and enjoy the new content that every VALORANT season has to offer.

Starting with Episode Four, Act two, there will be a new battle pass in town. The community battle pass is looking to prove itself to be an excellent showcase for talented artists who are looking to immortalize their work in VALORANT.

The community battle pass in VALORANT allows players to design cosmetics for their favorite agents and guns and submit them to Riot Games. Riot then organizes a fan vote to choose the best cosmetics. When the community decides on which skins and cosmetics they like the most, they’ll become available in VALORANT, unlockable through the battle pass.

The community battle pass will be region-specific. All regions will have their own version of the battle pass, allowing local artists to shine.

The community battle pass is currently scheduled to go live with Episode Four, Act two, on March 1. Riot is likely to release more details regarding the community battle pass closer to its release date. At the time of writing, the community battle pass’ price and the rewards that content creators will receive have not yet been disclosed.