What does ‘nt’ mean in VALORANT?

It's a common courtesy at this point.

Image via Riot Games

We’ve all seen it pop up in the match chat after a round of VALORANT.

While "gg" is saved for the end of a match, in-between rounds you'll often see the in-game chat fill up with toxicity, anger, jokes, memes, and everything in between. But there will also likely be a few mentions of something called "nt" as well.

The gaming lexicon is filled with slang and abbreviations and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Some are born naturally over time and become a part of everyday vocabulary.

One of the sayings commonly seen in competitive shooter games like VALORANT is "nt." But what does it mean?

What does 'nt' mean in VALORANT?

In VALORANT, or any multiplayer game, "nt" stands for "nice try." This will often be posted in the in-game chat by players after someone on their team comes close to clutching up a round but fails in the end.

It's a common courtesy to post "nt" in the chat, largely as a way to try to maintain positivity throughout a match, even after losing a round. A quick "nt" is way more constructive than scolding a teammate or being toxic.

The next time your teammate fails to pop off and win the round, hit them with an "nt" instead of a "wow u suck" and see if it helps keep their mentality positive for the rest of the match.