Vision Strikers’ Stax had the highest headshot percentage at VCT Masters Berlin

Stax's precision was deadly in Berlin.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

VCT Stage Three: Masters Berlin featured some of the most accurate and impressive VALORANT players competing in their natural element. Minor differences in skill level separate the pros at the highest level, but the biggest differentiating factor that allows a good player to stand out from a great one is headshot percentage. 

Headshot percentage is a stat that calculates how many of a player’s shots fired register as headshots. On average, one-quarter of every VALORANT pro’s shots end up hitting the opposing players’ heads. 

Among the qualified VALORANT pros who participated in over 100 rounds at VCT Masters Berlin, Vision Strikers’ Stax was the player with the highest headshot percentage. Across 144 rounds played, Stax posted a headshot percentage of 34 percent, according to VALORANT stats site Once Vision Strikers’ tournament run concluded, Stax walked out of VCT Masters Berlin with a final scoreline of 103/88/49—good enough for a total KDA of 1.72. 

SuperMassive Blazes’ Paura and F4Q’s Esperanza both had more rounds played than Stax but just barely missed his 34-percent mark, each posting headshot percentages of 33 percent. Gambit Esports’ Nats, who won Masters Berlin, had perhaps the most impressive ratio of rounds played to headshots landed out of all players at the tournament. Nats played all 306 rounds of Gambit’s Masters Berlin run in Berlin and posted a headshot percentage of 31 percent throughout the event, according to 

The VCT will conclude later this year when VALORANT Champions 2021 begins in Berlin on Dec. 2.

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