Version1, XSET, and Luminosity headline NSG Winter Championships

The action begins tonight.

Image via Version1

Multiple teams that recently secured qualification for the North American VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers One event will compete in the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship Finals, which begins tonight. 

Teams such as Version1 and XSET, both of which secured qualification through the first open qualifier on Jan. 29, will compete in the NSG tournament. 

This event is not a part of the VCT circuit and operates independently of Riot Games. But the NA VCT is directly operated by Nerd Street. 

Other teams that will compete in the NSG Winter Championship Finals include Luminosity Gaming, Pioneers, The Guard, Evil Geniuses, Complexity, NRG, and Built by Gamers. 

The tournament will begin tonight with the first day of the group stage. The top eight teams will secure qualification for the second day of competition, which is set to begin on Feb. 8 and will conclude on Feb. 9. 

Teams such as Akrew, TSM academy, and Knights have automatically qualified for the second day of competition since they accumulated the highest number of circuit points. 

The top eight teams on the second day of competition will qualify for the playoff stage, which begins on Feb. 9. The victors will receive $20,000 while the remaining $30,000 will be split between the other seven teams. 

The most notable matches include XSET taking on Evil Geniuses in the first round of the group stage, while Luminosity will face Complexity. 

The first round of the NSG Winter Championships will begin tonight at 4pm CT.