VCT Masters Copenhagen pulls in over 400,000 concurrent viewers on day one

Not a bad start for the event.

Photo via Riot Games

The first day of VCT Masters Copenhagen garnered a lot of interest, according to the stats.

The VALORANT tournament, which kicked off yesterday, peaked at 443,637 concurrent viewers, according to stats gathered by Esports Charts. In total, the first day of the event evened out at an average of 299,890 viewers and boasted 2,998,893 hours watched, despite being on air for just 10 hours.

When compared to other VALORANT events, the first day of VCT Masters Copenhagen sits in seventh place in the overall viewership tables, according to Esports Charts. With the tournament just starting, it will surely bring in hundreds of thousands more viewers in the days to come, especially with the playoffs featuring a live audience for the first time in VALORANT esports history.

The 440,000 viewership peak coincided with yesterday’s match between KRÜ Esports and LOUD, two squads from South America. A new high could be recorded today with KRÜ facing off against Europe’s Guild Esports for the first spot in the playoffs via Group A. But FPX will take on XERXIA first, with the former team making use of a stand-in.

VCT Masters Copenhagen returns today at 10am CT.