VCT Masters Copenhagen fantasy VALORANT guide: Where to play, scoring rules, best players

Build a fantasy dynasty.

Image via Riot Games

Many pro VALORANT players will tell you that stats don’t matter, but to fantasy players, it’s quite the opposite. Fantasy esports, including fantasy VALORANT, gives users the opportunity to put on a fantasy GM hat and select the best team possible from a list of competing players.

At VCT Masters Copenhagen, some of the world’s best players are attending and competing, giving fantasy VALORANT players the opportunity to pick up some of the game’s biggest rising stars.

Photo via Riot Games

Looking to get into the action yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about playing and scoring in fantasy VALORANT during VCT Masters Copenhagen.

Where to play fantasy VALORANT

There aren’t as many options for fantasy esports out there as there are for traditional fantasy sports, and VALORANT in particular isn’t exceptionally common. But one of the major daily fantasy platforms, DraftKings, does host fantasy games for VALORANT, among other esports titles.

In fantasy VALORANT matchups on DraftKings, users select a team of six viable players, designating one as a “captain.” You can only select up to three players from one specific team, for example, a max of three players from OpTic.

In the future, there’s a chance Riot could start running its own fantasy competitions in VALORANT, like it does for League with LEC SuperFantasy. But nothing like that has been announced or teased yet.

Fantasy VALORANT scoring rules

Here are the scoring rules for playing fantasy VALORANT on DraftKings. Your designated “captain” will earn 1.5x fantasy point values.

StatisticFantasy points
Kills+Two points
Assists+One point
Deaths-One point
One-vs-two clutch+One point
One-vs-three clutch+Two points
One-vs-four clutch+Three points
One-vs-five clutch+Five points
Triple kill+0.25 points
Quad kill+1.5 points
Ace+Three points
Average Combat Score+0.02 points
Rounds Not Played Bonus+0.5 points per round not played
Match Sweep Bonus+Five points (minimum of two maps played)

During a round, players can only earn one bonus from triple kill, quad kill, or ace. For example, if they get an ace, they don’t additionally get the triple kill and the quad kill bonus, just the ace bonus. The same goes for clutches. The bonus your player gets is determined by the number of enemies alive when the player’s last teammate dies.

The Rounds Not Played Bonus is a way to keep a player’s fantasy score viable even in instances of blowouts, regardless if they win or lose.

First bloods don’t directly influence fantasy points earned, but they are factored into a player’s ACS, which does determine points.

Best players to pick up in fantasy VALORANT

Overall, you’ll want to prioritize players who are efficient in both the KDA and ACS categories. Namely, this will take the form of duelists, initiators, and Chamber mains. Players who play agents that get lots of assists are also a good choice, like players who play KAY/O, Raze, Sage.

Photo via Riot Games

You’ll want to select a duelist/Chamber player to be your captain since their potential for big games is the highest. Here are some notable Masters Copenhagen players who would make a fine selection as your captain:

  • OpTic yay
  • XSET Cryocells
  • DRX BuZz, Rb
  • Fnatic Derke, Alfajer
  • Guild Leo
  • Paper Rex f0rsakeN

In fantasy VALORANT, though, you only have $50,000 to make a roster, so you won’t be able to pick up six of the above players because of how much they’ll each cost. You’ll be able to get one, maybe two at most. For the rest of your lineup, look to pick up players from the teams you expect will do well at the event. As mentioned above, look for players who play agents that can notch assists, so avoid primarily controller players if you can, unless the player themselves has great individual stats.