VALORANT’s next game mode could be called Spike Rush

Players may have to be fast in this new mode.

Image via Riot Games

Data miner FloxaY leaked VALORANT’s possible next game mode named Spike Rush and some details about the new playlist last night. Spike Rush will be a quick mode, according to the data miner.

Current competitive matches can last from 30 to 40 minutes on average. But the duration of this mode will reportedly be around eight to 12 minutes. Players will have access to a bunch of temporary buffs too, according to FloxaY.

One of the buffs is Speed Boost, a power-up previously found in the closed beta files. Players may also find Health Regen, Damage Boost, and Enemy Reveal. Speed Boost suggests a movement speed buff will affect individual agents or even entire teams.

Gaming data miners are like video game archaeologists—they look into game files to find secrets embedded in them. FloxaY has a good track record too since he leaked VALORANT’s ranks on April 22.

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Riot might change its plans, however. Developers test all sorts of things behind the scenes and Spike Rush might be an example of that. In VALORANT’s latest blog post, Riot highlighted how “intense” the game is and that “having an alternative game mode by launch (or a few weeks thereafter) is on our to-do list.”

VALORANT is set to launch on June 2 and a new mode is expected to be added to the game, as well as a new agent and a new map.