VALORANT’s new Sovereign skin line includes a glowing knife and a golden sword finisher

Get your wallets ready.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Today’s VALORANT patch brought the typical Sage nerfs and bug fixes. But a new skin line is all the buzz.

The Sovereign skin line includes fantasy-themed cosmetics for the Ghost, Stinger, Guardian, Marshal, and melee weapon. And a new finisher will remind League of Legends fans of Garen’s Demacian Justice ultimate. A VALORANT fan put together a video showcasing a bit of the skin line and its variants.

The stock Sovereign skins are white with gold accentuations and adorned with blue gems. Players can also use Radianite points to buy variants that are green and gold, black and silver, or purple, each coming with a unique-colored gem.

Players can also upgrade their guns with VFX and Finisher variants. This will include glowing and mystical sounds when reloading, as well as a gigantic sword falling from the sky to skewer your enemy. Purchasing the Sovereign melee weapon and upgrading it with 10 Radianite will make it glow as well.

Screengrab via Riot Games

But fans eager to purchase the new skins will have to wait a bit. While you can view them all in the Collections tab, they’re locked for purchase. There are still three days before the Prime Collection expires in the Store. The Sovereign bundle will likely replace it.