VALORANT’s new game mode, Spike Rush, is fast-paced and built for quick matches

The new mode goes live at launch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s first new game mode, Spike Rush, will be live when the game launches early in the morning in NA on June 2.

Spike Rush will be in beta when it goes live, so there could be some bumps in the road and substantial updates down the line. But for now, VALORANT players will have a fast-paced mode to mess around and warm up in.

The new mode will be much quicker than the default game modes. Think of it as VALORANT-lite. Players can play more aggressively and get their shot ready before heading into competitive matches or just have fun without the stress of ranked play.

It’s not quite Team Deathmatch because there are still attackers and defenders, but the mode is definitely more casual.

Here’s a quick rundown of what sets Spike Rush apart from the game’s other modes, directly from Riot:

  • Games last about eight to 12 minutes.
  • Plant the Spike—except we’re insane, now everyone on attack has a Spike.
  • Best-of-seven rounds with shorter pre-round and round times.
  • Swap between Attack and Defense after three rounds.
  • Everyone on both teams gets the same random weapon. Now you can live out your all-Bucky fantasy.
  • You get all basic abilities for free every round.
  • You get two ultimate points for kills and deaths.
  • Each round, three to five special power-up orbs are randomly selected to appear on the map.

Spike Rush will be available to play when VALORANT launches at 7am CT on June 2.