VALORANT’s 1.0 update makes changes to 5 agents

See who was nerfed and who was buffed for launch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’S patch notes for the big 1.0 launch update have gone live, offering a peek at what’s changed since the beta.

The game’s 1.0 update goes live when the game launches tomorrow at 7am CT, but players can peruse the notes now to see what’s different. Some of the biggest changes have come to five of the game’s playable characters.

The 1.0 patch notes include changes to Sage, Raze, Jett, Phoenix, and Omen in pretty interesting ways.

Overall, there’s a good amount of buffs and nerfs to think about before queuing up when the game goes live. The full list of agent changes can be found below:


  • Healing Orb cooldown increased 35 >>> 45 seconds
  • Barrier Orb segment health reduced 1000 >>> 800
  • Barrier Orb duration reduced 40 >>> 30 seconds
  • Friendly Barrier Orb walls now show on the minimap

The community was loud and clear about Sage being overpowered, and Riot heard. She sees substantial nerfs to her healing abilities in 1.0, so she will still be strong, but maybe not an instant-lock anymore.


  • Blast Pack maximum damage radius reduced 2 >>> 1 meters

Raze was another target of criticisms in the beta. Her Blast Pack damage radius has been halved, and riot hopes to “reduce the average damage output of this ability while still keeping it powerful.”


  • Cloud Burst smoke duration increased 4 >>> 7 seconds
  • Tailwind automatically breaks Cypher’s Trapwires after being briefly revealed

Jett’s smoke gets a big buff, nearly doubling in length. In the beta, the short duration meant it was only useful for quick pushes. Now it has a bit more utility.


  • Blaze duration increased 6 >>> 8 seconds
  • Blaze damage: 15 every 0.25s >>> 1 every 0.033 seconds
  • Blaze healing: 3 every 0.25s >>> 1 every 0.16 seconds
  • Hot Hands healing: 3 every 0.25s >>> 1 every 0.08s.
  • Curveball max flash duration increased 0.8 >>> 1.1 second
  • Run it Back automatically reloads all weapons on respawn

Blaze’s damage-over-time abilities have been tweaked to match the recent changes to other DoT abilities, so he’s now in line with everyone else. Elsewhere, he got some pretty nice buffs.


  • Paranoia is now equipped instead of quickcast, and hit detection improved, especially at close range
  • Dark Cover, Omen now enters a “phaser” world where he can see through walls to place his smokes and pressing RELOAD toggles between phased and normal targeting.
  • Dark Cover controls have been updated where Omen can now increase smoke distance with PRIMARY FIRE, decrease it with SECONDARY FIRE, and throw smoke with the ABILITY KEY.
  • Shrouded Step, Omen can now see his teleport location on the map and receives an in-world indicator of where he’s targeting when his vision of the point is obstructed.
  • From the Shadow, Omen can now cancel his teleport while in Shade form by pressing the ABILITY KEY again—Omen still loses all of his ult points if he cancels.

Omen got a bunch of quality of life changes, but it seems like Dark Cover will be way more useful than it was in the beta.

VALORANT goes live at 7am CT on June 2.