VALORANT to get its most iced-out gun skin bundle ever just in time for Christmas

Time to cool off.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is known for its variety of creative skins. They might be questionably expensive at times, but since it’s a free game, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to throw a bit of cash their way.

The Ion collection was one of the more recent bundles that fans lost their collective minds over, with another set arriving just in time for Christmas.

We’ve had a fire version of the Vandal under the Elderflame bundle banner, and now it’s time to cool off as the holiday season approaches: the VALORANT devs have showcased the frosty “Cryostasis bundle” on Twitter.

The collection will be arriving on Wednesday, Dec. 14 this year.

A melee weapon, OP, Classic, and Bulldog skin sit along the ice-cold Vandal, meaning fans will have to toss up if buying Christmas presents for their family is worth it this year.

The weapons will slowly freeze as the game progresses, meaning Riot might need to start selling gloves inside the bundle before you’re too cold to pull the trigger.

Tell mom and dad their presents are in the mail, as you’ll likely be spending your paycheque on these iced-out VALORANT skins.

December just got a lot more jolly, but only for the person wielding this collection. Remember, skins equal wins, and this VALORANT bundle is sure to freeze the competition.