VALORANT Team Ace bundle leaked

More skins are on the way.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT leakers have shown off a preview of a new Team Ace bundle, which could introduce five new agent-themed skins and player cards. 

Patch 4.04 is dropping today, giving fans tons of new content to enjoy. In the update, several agents were adjusted and Icebox received a substantial overhaul. But the new patch also gave data miners new code to dig through, revealing an upcoming skin bundle. 

A new Team Ace bundle is likely coming soon, according to the ValorLeaks Twitter account. The bundle will reportedly include new skins for the Operator, Vandal, Phantom, Frenzy, and Judge. Each skin is based on a specific agent and the design of each skin reflects their personality and traits. The bundle also includes five new player cards that show the five agents in black and white and neon colors. 

The Operator is Jett-themed and features a portrait of the character on the side with a light blue color scheme. Phoenix is on the Phantom, while Reyna is on the Vandal. Yoru players can complete their loadout with the new Yoru-themed Frenzy, and Raze players can take the fight to the enemy with her new Judge skin. The bundle also includes a unique gun buddy and what appear to be sprays.

The new skin line is a Deluxe tier and each skin will cost 1,275 VP, according to VALORANT data miner floxay. This new bundle reportedly doesn’t include a melee skin but does contain multiple player cards and a gun buddy, so it’s unclear how much it will cost.

Riot Games has not officially revealed the new bundle, but fans will likely learn more about the new skins soon.