VALORANT streamer finds great spot for Killjoy’s Nanoswarm in Bind’s A site truck

Another day, another sneaky VALORANT trick.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games just released VALORANT’s newest agent, Killjoy, into the fray, but players are already discovering cheeky little spots for her various robots and contraptions.

Average Jonas, a Twitch streamer from Norway, found a spot on the map Bind today where Killjoy can hide her Nanoswarm grenade—and it’s untouchable by enemy players. It can also prevent the opposition from defusing a spike that’s planted next to the truck on the A site.

The trick is to walk up to the truck and toss the grenade into the spaces between the vehicle’s wheels. The grenade should bounce around for a little bit, then settle behind the wheel and be hidden from view.

Usually, players are able to spot out Killjoy’s grenades and shoot them. But this method prevents enemies from seeing them in the first place. This also gives attackers a great way to defend the spike without needing to have a line-of-sight on any enemies.

Players concluded that if you combine two Nanoswarm grenades on this spot and plant the bomb next to the truck, it’ll make it almost impossible for the defenders to pull off a successful defuse since Killjoy can remain hidden and activate the grenades whenever she hears the defuse sound cue.

This glitch will need to be patched out before Riot’s developers go on their week-long break starting Aug. 10.