VALORANT players discover way to get outside of Fracture

Double check for enemies hiding in this spot.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have figured out a way to jump off the zipline on Fracture and land on a beam beneath the map, allowing them to get out of the playable area without issue. 

Fracture is the newest map in VALORANT and had a mixed reception due to its unique layout being drastically different from previous maps. The defenders spawn in the center of the map instead of across the map from the attackers, and the attackers can push either site from two directions by default. 

While the map design is one of the biggest complaints about Fracture, players have now found a way to easily get out of the map that might be severe enough to become its most significant issue. 

VALORANT player RiceVsNoodles uploaded a short clip of multiple players in the lobby using the new way to get out of the map. Players need to use the zipline leading away from the attacker spawn and hold shift as they make their way across the gap. If done correctly, they can use the activate key to jump from the zipline and land on a beam beneath the map. 

From here, they can run toward the edge of the area and reach rocks that lead outside of the playable area. Some agents like Jett can make it relatively far and can potentially shoot enemies from certain positions. 

This bug is easy to replicate and players have reported enemies using the spot in their lobbies. Riot Games will likely patch this bug in a future update. 

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