VALORANT players discover stellar Jett angles for dominating on Fracture’s B site

Jett mains are at it again.

Image via Riot Games

Jett mains are having a field day on VALORANT’s newest map.

VALORANT players have been exploring Fracture, discovering stellar vantage points and cheeky spots that only Jett can get to. And while they might not work in every round, players can use these strategies to snag a kill or two on an unsuspecting victim.

One player showcased a strategy that allows Jett to pick off enemies pushing Fracture’s B site, posting a video earlier today. By jumping on the crates directly on-site, Jett can then use her passive to glide onto a nearby box directly in front of Canteen’s entrance. You can then cast Updraft to see over the wall and pick off opponents at B Tree using Jett’s Blade Storm. And even if you don’t land any shots, you still get good intel on the enemy team’s whereabouts.

Another player found a way to Jett surf on the beams that are directly above B site, showing the tactic in a now-deleted Reddit post earlier today. Similar to the first strategy, players must first glide onto the green crates. Once there, players then use Updraft twice to line themselves up with the perpendicular beams. Jett should then surf toward the back wall, giving her a great view of any opponents pushing from Canteen, Tower, or B main.

Since these strategies take a lot of resources and can become predictable, Jett players should probably avoid using them for multiple rounds. But they could be a great way to catch your enemies off guard and sneak a win.

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