VALORANT players discover 2 secret areas in Practice Range

Who knows what other secrets are lurking in the map.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT has dominated the streaming and gaming world since its open beta launch earlier this month. Players have watched streams for hours in hopes of getting their shot to play the game and those lucky enough to get a key have poured over every detail of the game available.

One player found two secret rooms in the Practice Range earlier today and posted their findings in hopes of figuring out what they mean.

A VALORANT player uploaded several screengrabs of their discoveries and explained what they’ve found in the Practice Range so far. There’s a map on the wall of the Practice Range with a layout of the playable map. The player noticed there’s a room on the map with an eyeball on it that isn’t accessible right now and decided to explore. They used Jett to fly around under the map and discovered there isn’t a room at this location right now, but there is an aircraft that’s only visible by standing in a specific spot.

The player also explained that the “Top Secret” room door glows red and may have something to do with the secret room. They suggested that specific objects may need to be shot for the door to turn green and give players access to the secret room—but this is only a theory for now. They also explained that there’s a second room that’s inaccessible and there’s nothing in it.

Another player uploaded an image of where the entrance to the second secret room should be and explained that there might be some sort of trigger that will open the area for players. This is as far as the community has gotten in figuring out the mystery of the secret rooms. As more players get access to VALORANT, more secrets and information will likely be found.