VALORANT players are using long names to hide their ultimate status

It's providing an unfair advantage.

Image via Riot Games

One of VALORANT’s unique features as a tactical shooter is just how much information it provides for both teams. Players can see how much money their opponents have during the buy round, for example, or check whether allies and enemies have their ultimates up.

At least one player has discovered a way to hide some information from prying eyes, though. By using an extremely long name, the nickname extends over the ultimate charge column, making it a jumbled mess of digits.

Other players have pointed out that the unsavory tactic only works to a certain extent. When the particular agent has their ultimate ready, it will be highlighted in yellow. The charges on the ability will still be obscured, however.

Apparently, the issue might not be entirely a way to cheat. The game sometimes fails to retrieve the correct user ID, therefore putting the Riot account ID in its place.

VALORANT’s devs have already caught wind of the issue, though. Wozzer, a QA architect for the FPS, said that the dev team is “currently tracking this internally” and will “hopefully have the fix out in the next patch or two.”

If you were one of the lucky players who got into the closed beta, this might continue affecting you for a short while. If you haven’t, watching any VALORANT stream, provided they enabled Twitch drops, might help you get there.