VALORANT player uses Killjoy’s turret to mask their fall

Use this to your advantage.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Sound is one of the most important factors in VALORANT. Players can track enemies based on their footsteps or hear them defusing the spike. Hiding sounds to prevent enemies from knowing your location or movement is critical. One VALORANT player showed off a new trick today to mask the sound of falling with Killjoy.

The player was in a one-vs-one situation on Split and was stuck in A heaven. They needed to get into the site quickly but did not want the enemy to know their position. They jumped directly into the site instead of walking through the other two pathways. 

They deployed Killjoy’s turret just before they landed, however, which masked the sound of their fall and prevented the enemy from knowing their location. The player easily walked towards the enemy and killed them without issue. 

Most players don’t expect Killjoy to jump down as she deploys the turret and only expect it to act as a deterrent. But dropping down onto the turret is an excellent strategy when done correctly. 

The strategy appears easy to recreate, and players just need to master the timing of deploying the turret. Most enemies likely won’t expect it the first time it happens, but doing it multiple times may ruin the surprise. 

Killjoy is an effective agent when holding an area, but using her kit correctly also makes her effective on offense. Don’t be afraid to get creative, since it can often surprise the enemy.

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